Broadheads & Sights

Without reliable accessories, your next bowhunting adventure can self-destruct at any time and leave you very frustrated. Here is a list of the most exciting new sights and broadheads for 2007 -- gear that will help you increase the amount of protein in your diet. (July 2007)


Rage Broadhead

Rage makes two mechanical broadheads, two- and three-blade versions, that open from the rear forward. This allows the blades to deploy to their maximum cutting diameter on entry. The two-blade Rage has a 2-inch cutting diameter and the three-blade model has a 1 1/2-inch cutting diameter. Both sizes weigh 100 grains.

(715) 395-0020

Rocky Mountain Broadheads

The new Blitz features blades that lean to the side so they help the fletchings to spin the arrow in flight. This compact fixed-blade head (the blades are small) will exhibit very limited wind planning, so it has the potential to fly accurately even from a fast bow. Cutting diameter is 1 1/8 inches and it weighs 100 grains.

(715) 395-0533

G5 Outdoors

G5 introduced a great-looking new fixed-blade broadhead this year called the Striker. It features an all-steel design with replaceable blades that line up perfectly with the solid steel pyramid tip. G5's powdered metal casting procedure allows them to produce a straight one-piece head. The blades are compact for great aerodynamics. Cutting diameter is 1 1/8 inches and comes in weights of 100 and 125 grains.

(866) 456-8836

Stinger Buzzcut

This new hunting broadhead features a unique chisel-cut serrated main blade made of .040 stainless steel. The Buzzcuts are available in six variations, with both two- and four-blade models that range from 85 grains to 125 grains. Each Buzzcut broadhead is spin-tested for accuracy and includes a lifetime replacement warranty.

(620) 793-9222


It will be hard for Muzzy to top the popularity of its 100-grain 3-blade head, but the new MX-3 has a good chance. This short-profile head has compact blades that reduce wind planing so it will shoot like a bullet even from high-speed bows. Muzzy's bone-crushing sharpened Trocar tips the forward end of the ferrule. Cutting diameter is 1 1/4 inch for this 100-grain head.

(770) 387-9300

Grim Reaper

The new Hades fixed-blade broadhead has thick blades and a very rugged notched cutting tip that produces three edges. The three blades are .035 inch thick but neck down to .020 inch thick to make it easier to achieve a razor-sharp edge. To keep the blades from ever coming out, they are locked in place four ways. The Hades comes in three sizes: 85 grains, 100 grains and 125 grains. All three have cutting diameters of 1 3/16 inch.

(801) 377-6199

New Archery Products

Cutting-tip broadheads continue to be very popular because they slice instead of punch, improving penetration. NAP has been moving increasingly into this product category, and their new

HellRazor puts them squarely in that market. It is a solid, one-piece welded design that features three re-sharpenable blades and a cutting tip. It is available in two sizes: 100 grains and 125 grains. Both have 1 1/8-inch cutting diameters.

(800) 323-1279

2XJ Crimson Talon XT

Crimson Talon redesigned its XT broadhead to give it 33 percent thicker blades. This makes the head more durable in the case of bone impact. The Crimson Talon XT has curved blades that cause the head to spin through the air. This spinning action complements your arrow's fletchings to stabilize the arrow. The Crimson Talon XT also features offset bleeder blades. It has a 1 1/4-inch cutting diameter and comes in weights of 100 and 125 grains.

(410) 658-9660

Rocket Aeroheads

Rocket's new Bunker Buster is a big change from standard broadhead attachment. The three-blade, fixed-blade head screws into the insert, but it also fits down over the outside of the shaft, sandwiching the shaft for a super-straight, super-strong connection. You lock it in place by twisting the large knurled collar. The Bunker Buster comes with the hardware needed to weigh either 100 or 125 grains. Cutting diameter is 1 1/16 inches.

(800) 444-7483


The Stainless Extreme is an all-steel broadhead that has a stainless ferrule and three stainless fixed-position blades. This, combined with Innerloc's rugged blade-locking design (the blades load through the front of the ferrule and the threaded tip holds them in place), produces exceptional strength that can handle any kind of impact. They come in two sizes: 100 grains (1 1/16-inch cutting diameter) and 125 grains (1 1/8-inch cutting diameter).

(706) 782-5863


Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge pioneered the use of vertical pins for aiming and they continue to add new sights that use this technology. The latest example is the Outfitter X. This new sight features HHOT pins that bring the spooled optical fiber in from the side, above or below the line of sight so it doesn't obstruct your view. The pins are made using a metal injection molding process that permits them to be small and strong. Trophy Ridge makes this rugged sight from machined aluminum.

(406) 388-7781

Cobra Archery

Cobra was one of the first to offer spooled fiber optic pins and every year they have gotten better at presenting rugged, highly visible pin packages for bowhunters. Their new Boomslang is a super lightweight, compact unit that has four pins with well-protected spooled fibers and an offset bracket that you can reverse, making the sight adaptable to any bow. In addition, the new Sure-Loc permits a high degree of adjustment for the most discriminating competitive shooter.

(800) 352-6272


The K953 and the K955 are the two most popular sights in the Toxonics line. Both sights feature the Metal Optic pins that Tox came out with last year. This pin fully protects the fiber loop from damage. The only difference between these two sights is the number of pins. The K953 is a three-pin sight, while the K955 is a five-pin sight. They feature reversible mounting brackets for easy adjustment and new .019-inch diameter fibers.

(636) 639-8502


Fuse sights utilize the same Metal Optic pin technology found on Toxonics sights. However, Fuse offers different styles. Its Navigator, for example, is actually a combination fixed-pin sight and a moveable pin sight. You can leave the sight set for the shortest range setting and use the three pins like a fixed-pin sight. If you have time to move the sight up, you can then use it as a moveable pin sight with the top pin set for the exact distance of the shot.

(801) 363-2990


The new Razor is a very new concept in aiming. The sight has a single vertical blade that houses the five pins. All five pins are individually adjustable and are backed by extra-long wrapped fibers so they are highly visible. The blade offers another, less obvious, advantage: If you torque the bow, the pins will grow faint or disappear. This forces you to observe correct shooting form. The Razor comes in a fully micro-adjustable model and a barebones version that is less expensive.

(972) 774-0300

Copper John

The new Dead Nuts 2 Hunter Pro sight features four or six wrapped fiber pins and a highly adjustable aluminum housing. Copper John protects the fibers using clear flexible tubing and wraps it around the round sight pin housing. The sight weighs just 5.1 ounces. The Supreme model offers more features: full micro-adjustment and third axis leveling for the ultimate in accuracy.

(315) 258-9269


The Nighthawk 5 is a gang-adjustable fiber optic pin sight. The fibers are spooled into a clear walled cartridge at the back of the sight body where they gather plenty of light and concentrate it at their heads for bright aiming in low light. The sight has large thumb knobs for easy adjustment. The entire sight is made from machined aluminum for rugged durability.

(520) 884-9065

Apex Gear

Among the new items from Apex Gear Products is the Atomic 4-Pin Sight with light. It features four thin (0.029-inch diameter) fibers on a single plane for bright, pinpoint aiming. Thin metal blades support the fiber and increase visibility in the 1.8-inch-diameter aperture. The sight adjusts for left- or right-handed shooting.

(972) 774-0300

Trophy Taker

The Top Pin sight features either four or seven pins. The top pin uses a long wrapped fiber to make it highly visible under low-light conditions. The reasoning behind having only one wrapped fiber pin is simple: You don't take long shots in low light, so why have all those super-bright pins glaring at you when you are trying to pull the sight picture together during the first and last legal minutes.

(406) 826-0600

Impact Archery

The new Full Draw sight is a moveable pin sight that you can adjust at full draw. Walking game is the biggest challenge you will face with any moveable pin sight. When they get closer or farther away after you reach full draw, it is hard to figure out how high or low to hold the pin. With the Full Draw, you can make that critical, last-second adjustment while you are at full draw.

(770) 521-9173

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