10 Crossbow Broadheads That Hit the Mark

You have many options for great crossbow broadheads when it's time to top your arrow for a hunt.  

By Tracy Breen

In the last few years, broadhead manufacturers have returned to the drawing board.

They have designed broadheads that can handle the extreme speeds and knock-down power of today's high-tech crossbows.

Mechanicals, especially, need to stay undeployed despite the power of modern crossbows, which can send arrows at 400 feet per second.

We've put together some of the latest and greatest broadheads on the market that fly true and accurately.

crossbow broadheads

Carbon Express | Quad Pro 

Carbon Express is best known for amazing arrows, but they also produce great broadheads. Their Quad Pro fixed-blade head is perfect for crossbow hunters, thanks to beefed up .045-inch-thick blades and forward-facing bleeder blades that will help keep blood trails short. Very compact 1-inch cutting diameter. 100 grains.

$30 for 3

crossbow broadheads

RAGE | Chisel Tip Crossbow 

This head has a chisel tip that will break through bone. Rage beefed up the ferrule and blades so they can withstand the punishment a crossbow will put them through. When the blades deploy, the 3-blade head offers a 2.125-inch cutting diameter. Once inside the animal, the blades sweep back to a 1.6-inch diameter. The head comes with a shock collar blade retention system.

$45 for 3

crossbow broadheads

DIRTNAP |Shred Head  

DirtNap Gear has a neat new broadhead that is perfect for turkey hunting with a crossbow. The Shred Head has 4 blades and creates a lot of internal damage. The main blade is .051 inches thick and has a 1 13/16-inch cutting diameter. The head has bleeder blades to draw more blood. The weighted-collar system lets you shoot it at 100 or 125 grains. 

$40 for 3

crossbow broadheads

SWHACKER | Crossbow Head 

Swhackers are known for flying like a dart, which is one reason their crossbow broadhead is extremely popular. They are a mere inch in diameter in flight. Upon impact, the wing blades cut a 1 3/4-inch-diameter hole through the taget. These broadheads are 2-blade expanadable. Blades are .032-inch thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp. The ferrule is anodized aluminum. 100 grains. 

$37 for 3

crossbow broadheads

EXCALIBUR | Bolt Cutter

This 3-blade fixed broadhead stands out because it tips the scales at 150 grains. The added front-of-center weight can really help stabilize the bolt in flight. In addition, the narrow cutting diameter of slightly over an inch helps the broadhead fly true, even when being shot out of speedy bows. 

$45 for 3

crossbow broadheads 

TRUGLO | Titanium X Crossbow 

This bow accessories company is venturing into the broadhead market in a big way. The heads are fixed or mechanical 4-blades, and each has a 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter with 7/8-inch inner blades. At the heart of the broadhead is a titanium tip made to create large holes. The ferrule is also made of titanium. 100 grains. 

$41 for 3

crossbow broadheads

G5 | Dead Meat

Crossbow bolts travel extremely quickly, causing crossbow hunters to worry about the blades on their broadhead opening in flight. G5 Outdoors has eliminated that problem with their new Dead Meat. This mechanical broadhead comes with a snapping collar that the blades lock into, keeping them secure in flight. 1 1/2-inch cutting diameter. 100 and 125 grains. 

$55 for 3 

crossbow broadheads

WAC 'EM | Mechanical Head 

Wac'em Broadheads' beefed-up 3-blade mechanical is built for bowhunting and works great for crossbows, too. At the heart of the broadhead are .034-inch-thick stainless steel blades. The large cut-on-contact tip quickly starts busting its way through hide and flesh, making way for the mechanical blades. 2-inch cutting diameter. 

$40 for 3

crossbow broadheads


Grim Reaper is now offering a mechanical crossbow head that has been tested out to 100 yards and beyond at 400 fps. This 3-blade mechanical head is available in 100 or 125 grains and can be purchased with a Razorcut or Razortip head. 1 1/2-inch cutting diameter.

$40 for 3

crossbow broadheads

NEW ARCHERY | Spitfire Doublecross 

This mechanical head has 4 blades and two stages of deployment. Upon impact, the first 2 blades deploy, creating a 1.875-inch entrance hole. Then the rear-deploying blades open and add another 1.125-inch hole perpendicular to the first. The main blades are .03-inch thick and the bleeders are .027-inch thick. 100 grains.

$40 for 3 

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