Countdown to Big Buck Mania

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Featured Guests: Grant Taylor, Melissa Bachman, Kandi Kisky

August unofficially kicks off the countdown to big game seasons and ignites a clear path to endless outdoor adventures for restless outdoorsmen and women alike. As our newsfeeds on social media begin to blow up with enviable trail camera photos and big buck harvest selfies, it reminds us that we're just a few daydreams away from hunting reality. So, this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, we're counting down to Big Buck Mania with preseason scouting strategies, plus tips on treestand and ground blind placement, clearing shooting lanes, setting trail cameras, scent control and much more. Finally, our panel of seasoned outdoor pros, Kandi Kisky from Whitetail FreaksMelissa Bachman with Winchester Deadly Passion and Grant Taylor of Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour, will weigh the pros and cons of public and private land hunts and they'll explain the benefits of proper land management for epic whitetail and mule deer action.

Grant Taylor is an integral part of the Buck Commander crew, helping the outdoor dream team on each and every hunt they embark on and film for Buck Commander: Protected by Under Armour on Outdoor Channel. This week he joins The Revolution to talk trail cameras and the benefits they provide to hunters.

When it comes to success in the field, a lot is determined by your ability to read the game you are pursuing and know their routines and habits. Grant says that for the Buck Commander crew, trail cameras are an essential too and one they rely on tremendously. “Unequivocally, it is a huge part of what we do and how we get inventory, develop a plan of what deer and when we’re going to go after them.”

Grant discusses using the information gleaned from trail cameras in a number of different ways: to assess and take inventory of the deer on your property, to track movement of deer, and over time to use that information to piece together an overall year round pattern so that you can identify their hot spots and effectively hunt them throughout the changing seasons. He says it’s all about being strategic as to when you put them out and even more when you check them because you want to leave the hunting area as undisturbed as possible.

Get an inside look into the world of a Buck Commander this week with Grant Taylor. Tune in.

Melissa Bachman is a true ambassador for the outdoors and for the hunting lifestyle. As the host of Winchester’s Deadly Passion on Sportsman Channel she has a unique platform to be able to share her love and knowledge with fans and viewers and encourage them in their own outdoor pursuits.

This week Melissa joins The Revolution and begins by talking about a new piece of hunting ground she just purchased. When looking at hunting ground, land buyers look for important features that a piece of land has that will attract or hold wildlife there. For Melissa, a good amount of woods, the geographical position between two lakes, good funnels, big trees and the fact that it hasn’t been hunted in years were all stand out qualities. Melissa says that it’s a fantastic property and like most, it just needs a little work. Specifically, she’ll discuss managing the timber for best use by cutting shooting lanes and putting out treestands. Once you’ve cut branches and limbs, Melissa says that discarding them is a mistake. Instead, she encourages land managers to use those cuttings to make piles to cut off trails or redirect wildlife traffic in a different and more advantageous direction.

Melissa doesn’t hunt exclusively out of treestands though. Hunting out of a pop-up blind has its advantages, however, the presence of something new and unfamiliar in the field can deter wildlife from coming near your blind. Melissa explains how she likes to use pop-up blinds, how she conceals them, and for the leery deer out there – how she distracts them with the use of a decoy.

She’ll then direct her attention to early season hunting. Heat is a given when it comes to hunting in August and September, but heat can be your worst enemy when it comes to meat spoilage. Melissa stresses the importance of immediately taking care of your game with timely field dressing and getting your animal chilled as soon as possible.

Get the full conversation and tips from the pro, this week on The Revolution with Jim & Trav.

“We’re passing a lot of bucks that most people would probably look at us and tells us we’re crazy, but that’s why we’re called Whitetail Freaks.” – Kandi Kisky

Being a diehard hunter means dedication to the lifestyle, 365 days a year. Kandi Kisky, host of Whitetail Freaks in its tenth season on Outdoor Channel, joins The Revolution this week and will lift the veil on how she and husband Don Kisky manage to be so successful season after season. The effort and labor it takes to help promote a healthy deer herd, year round, can be often overlooked but Kandi says it’s a commitment that spans the seasons. In order to be successful during the big game season, Kandi and Don spend the rest of the year preparing for it: shed hunting, taking inventory of the deer on their property, planting and maintaining food plots and row crops, continually checking trail cameras, maintaining treestands, etc.

Food plots are of special interest to most hunters. Kandi says that creating a mecca that deer can’t resist is all about variety. Although they are row crop farmers, the Kisky’s also plant food plots to attract deer, offering them a smorgasbord of soy beans, corn, clover, turnips, oats and more to forage on year round. Determining where to set up your blinds and stands can make or break your season. Kandi talks about the stands on their property that offer consistent opportunities at harvesting fantastic bucks and how strategically using the surrounding cover to ghost your treestands or blinds into the landscape is crucial.

Find out more secrets to their success and why Kandi says Don is the perfect hunting partner. Catch it all on a special two-part interview with Kandi Kisky this week.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 8/4/2016

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