Big Game Pursuits

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Featured Guests: Trevon Stoltzfus, Karl Metzler, CatDaddy

Want to do a DIY public land hunt, or head north of the border for some monster bear action? Tune in to The Revolution this week as we explore exceptional public land access opportunities and outfitters. Joining us will be Trevon Stoltzfus, host of Outback Outdoors, then Karl Metzler, co-host of Excalibur's Huntin' The Backwoods and finally CatDaddy the Kansas CatMan. Jim and Trav's Big Game Pursuits this week are presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

Trevon Stoltzfus is the host ofOutback Outdoors on Sportsman Channel. This week, he joins us to talk about an incredible journey he has been on for more than 2 years, ibex hunting in the Florida Mountains of New Mexico. Trevon will tease the debut of his new special, Return to the Rock - An Ibex Adventure Part 2 airing at beginning June 1st.

Trevon tells Jim and Trav that his obsession started in 2014 when he was drawn for this hunt but ended up going home empty handed. Although it is relatively difficult to be drawn for an ibex hunt, because it is based on the luck of the lottery system, Trevon was again drawn in 2016 and given a chance at redemption. To understand the difficulty of a hunt like this, Trevon notes that this ibex hunt has some of the lowest success ratios of any North American big game hunts in the lower 48. In addition, it has the highest abandonment rate which translates to the average hunter quitting after a day and a half, in a 15-day season. So, what makes this hunt so challenging? Trevon says that the terrain is a beast. The Florida mountains, just outside Deming, New Mexico come straight up out of the desert floor with various peaks from 5,000 to 7,000 feet and some of the roughest country in the lower 48. Trevon tells Jim and Trav that to prepare for this hunt, he practiced with his bow out to 120 yards. This kind of long-distance practice helped him find the small mistakes in his accuracy and fine tune his shooting to increase accuracy and effective range. However, the challenge of shooting in this terrain is amplified because of the steep shot angles. Trevon says that rangefinders with built in angle compensation just can’t cut it as they are only accurate to about 22 degrees. Instead, Trevon talks about the research and practice he put in using a cut chart and the cliffs of Colorado to master shooting at extreme angles. Ibex have great eyesight, a good sense of smell and are instinctively nervous animals which Trevon admits makes them even more difficult to hunt with a bow. He’ll illustrate how easily they are spooked, and how unpredictable they are compared to other big game animals like elk or mule deer, making them difficult to pattern and ambush. He admits that success doesn’t come without failure and says that this special highlights the extreme highs and lows that he experienced on this quest for ibex. Tune in to find out more, but also make sure you watch the special in its entirety and find cool teasers and additional info on Instagram and Facebook.

The majority of big game hunting is exclusive to the fall and winter seasons, leaving few options for spring and summer months. However, spring does have one fantastic availability – if you are looking for something other than turkey hunting to scratch your hunting itch, you need to do some bear hunting. This week, Karl Metzler, co-host of Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods on Sportsman Channel, joins us to talk bear hunting. Karl tells Jim and Trav that they have been hunting the same place in Manitoba for years because of the great big black bears they are known for. He says that you have to pinpoint what you’re after in order to decide where you want to hunt. Karl will talk about Newfoundland’s black bears that are known for their big heads and propensity to score really well Boone & Crockett, as well as Pope & Young. Moving west he says hunters will start running into color phase bears, but if a big bodied black bear is what you’re looking for, then the grain belt of Canada is where you want to be. Karl will highlight two of their biggest black bears from Manitoba that weighed in at 776 and 801 pounds. He’ll also discuss crossbow hunting. Karl says that crossbows are one of the fastest growing segments of the archery industry and are a great choice for any hunter to consider. He’ll debunk some popular crossbow myths and talk about the effective range of a crossbow hunter and why they still need to get just as close as a traditional bowhunter to the game they are pursuing. In addition, he’ll talk about the broadheads he trusts on these monster Manitoba black bears, will highlight the importance of shot placement to avoid hitting the bear’s shoulder and finally, discuss patience in waiting for the best possible shot opportunity.

The Sunflower State is well known for its fantastic catfishing action with notoriously big flatheads that challenge even the most seasoned catfishing anglers. The world record flathead comes out of Kansas at 124.5 pounds and CatDaddy, of CatDaddy’s Catfishin’ Adventures in Topeka, Kansas says that there are plenty of monsters sitting in the water waiting to be caught. CatDaddy joins The Revolution this week and says that he has been landing big flatheads left and right and now is the time to get out and set limb lines and log lines in the trees, brush, wide river cutouts and more. Find out how to set effective log lines and limb lines with tips from the pro himself, the Kansas CatMan, CatDaddy.


The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 5/31/2018

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