Big Game Adventure

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Featured Guests: Jana Waller, Tom Petry, Nick Ventura, Derrick Ratliff

We’re talking big game adventures this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav. The majority of big game hunting seasons are still months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing for our fall pursuits right now! Tune in as we talk all things big game hunting – applying for tags, DIY hunting locations, the gear you’ll want to bring along, and more. Plus, we’ll relive hunts from seasons past with our special guests, Jana Waller of Skull Bound TV and hosts of Become 1, Nick Ventura and Tom Petry. Derrick Ratliff, President and founder of Horizon Firearms, will round out our panel with a look at creating a custom rifle for your hunting pursuits. The Revolution is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

In 2015, the Washington Twisp River Fire changed the life of fireman Daniel Lyon forever. Daniel was the sole survivor of the blaze that claimed the lives of three other firefighters. He sustained severe burns to over 70% of his body as a result of the fire and has spent every day since then fighting on the long road to recovery.
Jana Waller, host of Skull Bound TV on Sportsman Channel, heard about Daniel’s story by chance and met with him. Daniel had a goal of getting back into the outdoors after many surgeries and Jana was able to help him achieve that goal by taking him on his first Montana mountain lion hunt. Jana joins The Revolution this week to discuss this inspiring story. As most hunters know, a mountain lion hunt is a very physical endeavor, and in this case, it was symbolic of Daniel recovering to a point and getting enough strength back to conquer the mountains again. Jana will discuss the challenges that Daniel faced in order to make this hunt a success and all the people that played a role in making it happen. She’ll also talk about the parallels that Daniel drew between himself and the hard-working hounds – how like him, they have passion, drive and scars, but they don’t give up. Check out this harrowing story on Sportsman Channel on Skull Bound TV, April 4th.

Finally, Jana will talk predator hunting in general. She’ll tell Jim and Trav about the excess of mountain lions in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, and how management is important to controlling populations.

There aren’t many hunters that don’t dream of a DIY, public land, spot and stalk elk hunt out west. Tom Petry and Nick Ventura, hosts of Become 1 on Sportsman Channel, are no different. In a two-part special entitled, “The Montana Break”, Tom and Nick document their quest to fill their elk tags as they’re joined by friend Jason Matzinger. Tom and Nick join The Revolution this week to talk about the challenge of elk hunting. They tell Jim and Trav that perception is far from reality when it comes to harvesting an elk. Watching on television can give you the impression that it’s not all that difficult to find elk, close the distance and ultimately shoot one. However, up until this particular hunt, Nick and Tom said they were unable to make it happen. So, the guys will talk with Jim and Trav about the challenges they faced, the elk that they got into and the overall hunt they had that ultimately led to their success. In addition, Nick and Tom discuss hunter participation and why it’s crucial as creators of outdoor content themselves, to be responsible and showcase hunting the right way, in a positive light. They highlight the number of hunters nationwide compared to anti-hunters and those who are undecided and explain why it’s important to be good stewards of our lifestyle, as well as being inclusive of all hunters even if they may not take the same approach as you. Tune in for a real look at the challenges of elk hunting with hosts of Become 1.

There is nothing wrong with factory built, straight out-of-the-box rifles – heck, our gun cabinet is stocked full of them. However, there is something to be said for either customizing an existing rifle to better suit your needs or getting a complete custom rifle where you can handpick every detail. After all, no one hunter is the same. We don’t all pursue the same game animals, in the same terrain, under the same conditions. A custom rifle, or customizing an existing rifle, can really help a hunter dial in on their specific needs.

Derrick Ratliff is the President and Founder of Horizon Firearms, where they create custom long range, bolt-action rifles to exceed the shooting wants and needs of every customer. Derrick joins The Revolution this week with an inside look at what building a custom rifle looks like and the options available. Derrick tells Jim and Trav that when they began, they wanted to do more than build an accurate rifle. They wanted to find a way to allow people to be involved in the building process and ultimately create truly custom rifles where the customer could have a hand in every detail. Caliber selection, barrel length, overall weight, action, trigger, flutes, contour, stock, and color – there are no shortage of options when you go custom. Caliber selection is crucial, and Derrick will school us on the increasingly popular 22 Creedmoor as well as the 6.5 PRC with a look at their power and capabilities.

Tune in to this interview for a fun and interesting look at building custom rifles with Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 3/22/2018

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