Beyond the Backwoods

Beyond the Backwoods
(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

Featured Guests: Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb, Tim MacWelch, Tony Vandemore

Murphy's law states, "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." This especially holds true for adventure seekers that are looking to go beyond the backwoods. So, this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor ChannelSportsman ChannelWorld Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV, we've assembled a savvy panel of outdoor pros to help us prepare for the unexpected when navigating through remote locations. Joining us for a two-part interview will be retired Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb from Viking Chronicles, New York Times Best Selling Author and survivalist, Tim MacWelch and the host of Benelli Presents To Kill A King, Tony Vandemore.

People never set out into the outdoors with the idea that they will encounter an emergency or survival situation. Whether it’s an injury, sudden bad weather, getting lost or some other scenario, it can and does happen. Tune in to The Revolution as Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb of Viking Chronicles on Outdoor Channel joins Jim and Trav to talk about some essential gear and true survival skills. To begin with, Kyle details what he likes to keep in his pack and says that some of those staples include a poncho, fire starter, dry clothes, bivvy sack, water pump and a small section of padding that can be used to insulate your core from the ground. He’ll talk about each of those items and their practical uses. However, he offers this advice, “If you think you’re going to be comfortable in a survival situation, you’re wrong. I mean, survival, you don’t have to train to be miserable, it comes really natural to most of us.” Having the right gear is only half the battle, the other part is having a firm grasp on real survival skills. Kyle says today’s reality survival shows are all for entertainment and cautions people against using the wild techniques seen on television, in real-life scenarios. Instead, he recommends seeking out a legitimate survival expert that can teach you the basic skills you need to survive in the outdoors. He says you can also look to credible online resources like ReadyMan, that put out good information and allow you to watch and learn new skills.

Find out more about Kyle Lamb and Viking Chronicles at You can also check out Kyle’s podcast “Team VTAC” on iTunes and see his monthly columns in Guns & Ammo magazine. 
Tony Vandemore is the co-owner and operator of Habitat Flats, North America’s #1 waterfowl lodge. You can follow Tony on Benelli Presents To Kill a King on Outdoor Channel as he travels to the Bering Sea and St. Paul Island in search of King Eider. Tune in to The Revolution as Tony talks about this challenging waterfowl hunt. “It was a pretty incredible experience for me. I’m used to the Midwest and mallards coming through the trees, and to be up there in the middle of the Bering Sea, in January, is completely out of my element.” The King Eider is a beautiful duck, but what makes it special is the limited opportunities to hunt it. Tony says that St. Paul Island is really the only place a hunter can go to specifically hunt and kill a King Eider, as this location is the southern end of their wintering range before they head west for Russia. The hunt itself is difficult and Tony says the ocean is especially ruthless. When combined with daily precipitation, non-stop wind and chilling temperatures, it all adds up to one of the toughest water fowling environments anywhere. Tony also discusses the difficulty of making a good shot saying, “There were multiple times where I pulled up and got on a bird, and when I pulled the trigger we went behind a swell and I shot nothing but the side of a wave.”

Find out more about the two-part special, Benelli Presents To Kill a King, the gear they used to brave the elements and how they prepared for this one of a kind hunt.

We often think of survival as a one-on-one situation, one person pitted against mother nature.  However, the reality is, more than likely you’ll find yourself with another person or a group of people and together you’ll have to figure out how to survive. Tune in as Tim MacWelch, survivalist and New York Times Best Selling Author, schools us all in conquering the outdoors in a group survival setting. Tim says that in a real life survival emergency, a person’s true personality emerges. You really can’t judge a book by its cover. Those that we may perceive as being strong can crumble under the pressure, and those that we might dismiss as being weak, may rise up and be the strongest of the group. So how do you delegate responsibilities in a group survival situation? Tim says that there is always an “alpha” in any group, a person that becomes the leader. That leader then carries the burden of knowing what to do, giving orders and direction, providing guidance, making persuasive arguments and motivating group members. However, he cautions that not all leaders that step up are capable of leading their group to safety. “If your natural leader in an emergency situation doesn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground, as far as survival skills go, they could be sending that whole group of people down the wrong road.” Tim stresses the importance of knowing basic survival skills and the sequence in which they should be accomplished in order to keep everyone safe. “It’s always shelter first, then water, then fire and then food.” Tune in for this highly informative look at survival and leadership in an emergency situation with Tim MacWelch.


The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 1/26/2017

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