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Trout with Crankbaits 2

Trout Fishing With Crankbaits

by Steven Johnson 0

Wading side-by-side up a trout stream and casting matching minnow-imitating lures, a buddy and I should have been enjoying at… more »

WO Fishing Forecast Feautre

2017 Washington/Oregon Fishing Forecast

by David Paul Williams 0

So you are sitting at home, listlessly scanning through your Facebook account. All the posts seem the same dull stuff…. more »

Washington and Oregon Deer feature

Washington and Oregon Deer Forecast for 2016

by Terry Sheely 0

A decline in the hunting pressure in some of the essential Washington and Oregon deer areas coupled with deer numbers either stabilizing… more »


Pacific Northwest Family Fishing Destinations for 2016

by Terry Sheely 0

I spend a few weeks every winter at outdoor expositions in the Seattle and Portland areas, talking to fishermen and answering… more »

Bass Fishing in Washington

Washington and Oregon Bass Forecast for 2016

by Terry Otto 0

The drought of 2015 had an unexpected up-side in that it was a very good summer for bass fishing. Both… more »

Washington and Oregon Turkey Forecast for 2016

by Terry Sheely 0

Washington hunters bag nearly 5,000 Merriam’s and Rio Grande turkeys a year. An experiment to establish Eastern subspecies has pretty much… more »


Washington and Oregon 2016 Fishing Calendar

by David Paul Williams 0

You want to go fishing more often but have only just moved into Oregon or Washington and are clueless as… more »


Washington-Oregon Deer Forecast for 2015

by Duane Dungannon 1

While we shared breakfast at a Northwest Outdoor Writers Association conference in Bellingham, Wash., accomplished hunter and outdoor writer Gary… more »


Washington and Oregon Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Terry Jacobs 0

Deer hunters in Washington and Oregon enjoy an amazing variety of  opportunities, with a big range of hunting terrain and… more »

Steelhead, Salmon Fishing, Salmon, Steelhead Fishing

Top Places to Go February Steelhead Fishing in Washington & Oregon

by Gary Lewis 0

Let’s take a look at the options available for February Steelhead Fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

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