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CA Fishing Calendar Feature

2018 California Fishing Calendar

by D.H. Willis 0

JANUARY – Trout: Caples Lake  This is a longstanding good ice-fishing lake in Northern California. It lies at 7,800-feet elevation. As… more »


Man Convicted, Sentenced for Shooting at Wildlife Officer in Poaching Case

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

The man was accused of shooting at an officer, who chased him and an accomplice during a poaching investigation. A… more »

Western Vacation Lodge Feature1

Best Western Vacation Lodges in Your State

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

  Your next outdoors excursion could begin with booking a spot at one of these public-land vacation lodges close to… more »

WO Vacation Lodge

Best Vacation Lodges in Washington and Oregon

by M.D. Johnson 0

The only thing better than the perfect place to rest your head, courtesy of The Great Outdoors, of course, is… more »

CA Vacation Lodge Image

Best Vacation Lodges in California

by Cal Kellogg 0

“Find the Game and Stay, Find the Fish and Settle in” trumpeted the copy of a 1962 trailer ad that… more »

trout lodges

Great Trout Lodges of the West

by Dennis Dauble 0

These trout lodges in the Western U.S. will get you near the action for some great fishing. If you are one of the… more »


Northwest Deer in the Late Season

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Deer hunters in Washington and Oregon can still fill a tag using these tips and locations.  By Troy Rodakowski  So,… more »

Golden State Aleutians

Hunt California Aleutian Geese 2 Ways

by Scott Haugen 0

Northern California is the best place in the nation to hunt Aleutian cackling geese, whether you hunt them coming or going. … more »

late-season blacktail

4 Late-Season Blacktail Deer Strategies

by Duane Dungannon 0

Follow these tips to score on late-season blacktail hunting. “It’s prime deer time,” I whispered to my son, Tyler, as the… more »

mule deer

6 Tips for November Mule Deer Bucks

by Terry Otto 0

Put these tips in your back pocket, and get ready to take that heavy-antlered mule deer buck you’ve been searching for…. more »

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