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Arrow-Attacked Deer Treated, Expected to Survive

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  May 4th, 2018 0

ODFW wildlife biologists work to remove arrows shot illegally through two deer in Shady Cove. (ODFW Photo)

Two deer seen running with arrows protruding from them as the results of a recent “twisted act of poaching” in southern Oregon, have been treated and are expected to survive long-term.

Reports of the injured deer — an adult doe and a yearling doe in the Shady Cove area — drew significant attention on news and social media earlier this week, as state officials began the efforts to save the animals and garner information on who might be responsible.

Photos released by the Oregon State Police showed one deer with an arrow through its neck, another with one through its face. The arrows were not the kind used by hunters, officials said.


The deer were treated and successfully released. (ODFW Photo)

On Thursday, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reported the deer were successfully tranquilized and the arrows were removed. Their wounds were treated and there was no evidence of infection, the agency said. State wildlife biologists and Oregon State Police fish and wildlife officers worked together to track and tranquilize the deer. Earlier in the week, biologists weren’t able to get close enough for an effective shot.

“Pictures of these deer stuck with arrows have been circulating widely in the media and social media, and understandably, it’s upsetting to see. We are happy to say the arrows were removed and these deer have a very good chance of survival,” said Steve Niemela, Rogue District Wildlife Biologist, in an ODFW news announcement.

Niemela said this is the second time in two years deer were illegally shot with arrows.

“This is not ethical hunting, it’s a twisted act of poaching,” said Zach Lycett, board member of the Rogue Valley Chapter of Oregon Hunter’s Association. “True ethical hunters respect the animals they hunt and are grateful for the opportunities to hunt. We do not stand for these kinds of criminal acts.”

Also reported Thursday, the reward for the capture of the culprit(s) has increased to $2,600 for information leading to a conviction via Rogue Valley OHA ($1,500), and Ashland Archers ($100) and Dewclaw Archery ($500) to add on to the Oregon Hunter’s Association’s $500 

>>Turn In Poachers: 1-800-452-7888

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