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blacktail deer hunting

2017 California Deer Forecast

by John Higley 0

Looking for the best California deer hunting locations? We’ve analyzed the data to identify this season’s top areas. By John… more »


Quail: Scout Before You Burn Up Boot Leather

by Scott Haugen 0

Floods and snows last winter changed quail habits. Now, more than ever, you need to get out there and scout…. more »


Jail Time, Fines in Fish Poaching, Trafficking Case

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Three Fresno men face jail time and fines after being caught poaching and unlawfully trafficking sport-caught fish, the California Department… more »

elk hunting

Elk Hunting: Think ‘Left Brain’ on Call Setups

by Gary Lewis 0

Fill that tag by knowing your game and following this plan for elk hunting. By Gary Lewis Early in my… more »

mule deer

Mule Deer Hunting: Elevation Is Your Ally

by Gary Lewis 0

We know you think about mule deer all year long. Here are some tips to make you a better hunter… more »

california smallmouth bass

Golden State Hot Spots for Summer Smallmouths

by Cal Kellogg 0

As the angling action heats up, put these locations on your list for California smallmouth bass. By Cal Kellogg Originally,… more »


Calif. Poacher Sentenced for Violations in Colo.

by admin 0

“Colorado considers poaching a serious crime and these types of actions will not be tolerated.” A California man is facing… more »

summertime crappie

Summertime Crappie: Tips to Catch Hard-to-Get Slabs

by David Brown 0

It rocks when the bite’s easy. But when summertime crappie fishing gets difficult, dig in and consider a new strategy. By… more »

June Trout Fishing

June Trout: Catching Them With New Tactics

by Gary Lewis 0

High with snowmelt, the river swept our pontoon boat into a back-eddy — river left. My three-fly cast dropped into… more »

summer trout

Top 5 June Trout Destinations in Calif.

by Cal Kellogg 0

Looking for June trout? It’s a great time to hit these Golden State waters. June is a fantastic month for California… more »

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