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636 Over the Limit: Crappie Poaching Cases Reported

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  April 20th, 2018 0

Gross crappie poaching violations “should outrage the honest anglers who abide by the law,” says state official.

California is keeping a closer eye on possible crappie poaching after hundreds of illegal fish were seized in recent cases in the San Joaquin Valley.

crappie poaching

Apparently, the plentiful fishing for crappie in the San Joaquin Valley in California has proven too tempting for poachers. (California Department of Fish and Wildlife photo)

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said Thursday, April 19, that wildlife officers issued citations in 10 cases last week involving a total of 636 illegally caught crappie.

More than half came in a case on April 12, when three anglers in Madeira County were found with 404 crappie. The daily limit for crappie is 25 per angler, so that equates to 329 poached crappie.

The three anglers were charged with gross over limit of crappie, possession of more than three times the bag limit, and failure to show catch to an officer upon demand. They face possible jail time and fines, the agency said in a news release.

“We are pleased to see excellent conditions for crappie fishing right now and many honest anglers are catching a limit,” CDFW Assistant Chief John Baker said in the news release. “These gross overlimit cases are a prime example of poachers taking advantage of good conditions and depleting our state’s limited resources. This behavior should outrage the honest anglers who abide by the law.”

Turn in poachers: CalTIP, CDFW’s confidential secret witness program, (888) 334-2258 or send a text to tip411.

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