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Video: Dramatic Moose Rescue on Frozen Lake

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  February 6th, 2017 0

The above video of a moose rescue, which has been shared in multiple places on the internet, has reached more than 12,000 Game & Fish Facebook followers Monday morning.

The video shows a struggling moose which broken through the ice on an unknown frozen lake and at least two people trying to help the animal to safety.

With an hatchet used to break through the ice and some prodding, the rescuers helped the moose make it to the shoreline.

The animal made it dry land with wobbly legs, but still managed to be on its way into the woods.

Weather Nation was one of the many outlets sharing the moose rescue video, which they saw originated in Sweden, and was shot by Viktor Johannessen & Sigrid Sjösteen.

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