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Nate Hosie: My Perfect Deer Hunt — Chasing ’12’

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  September 11th, 2018 0

Nate Hosie of “Headhunters” on Sportsman Channel shares his perfect deer hunt — a Montana 12-pointer that honors grandfather.

By Nate Hosie, ‘Headhunters’ on Sportsman Channel

It’s hard for me to pick out my favorite hunt because every hunt is special for different reasons. If I truly had to pick one, I would pick my hunt for a deer called “12” in Montana. 

Although he is the largest whitetail I’ve taken, a 173-inch typical 12, it’s most meaningful because Montana was a place that my granddad, who taught me to hunt, always dreamed of hunting. We scouted “12” for several days and finally made our move.

my perfect deer hunt

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The first night the wind forced us to hunt a stand off the trail … we believed he was taking to the alfalfa a little bit, but we had to play it safe. He came out at 70 yards that evening, which was too far for a shot. The second night we moved in a touch and had him at 64 yards. I almost took the shot, but with a better wind coming, we stayed patient and kept the faith. 

Our third day after “12,” I could just feel it. I was nervous and anxious all day. That night deer were moving well, but most of the deer were already through the river bottom and in the alfalfa. We hadn’t seen 12 yet. 

Then we spotted him and quickly lost him until he shocked us both at 30 yards and closing! My Muzzy broadhead launched when he was slightly quartering away at about 18 yards. I knew the hit was good and thanked the Lord! 

As we watched him fall, I had a quiet moment. I thanked God for the game we hunt and for the opportunity to be a hunter providing for my family. I looked at the Powder River, listened to pheasants cackling and thanked my grandad for introducing me to the outdoors that I love so much. That’s what hunting is all about — respecting, appreciating, and enjoying all of God’s creation and being thankful for our heritage.

my perfect deer hunt

This typical 12-pointer that measured 173 inches was Nate Hosie’s biggest whitetail, but also a tribute to his granddad. (Photo courtesy of Nate Hosie)


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