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12 of the Greatest Fishing Tips Ever

by Scott Bernarde   |  December 14th, 2017 0
greatest fishing tips

Bassmaster pro Adrian Avena offers a tip on catching big bass with big worms. (Photo by Scott Bernarde)

We asked several pro anglers to tell us about the greatest fishing tips they know. Here are 12 video tips that might help you become a better angler.

With virtually no exception, at some point every fisherman has been exactly where you are right now with your angling abilities — whether that be a novice or near-expert.

Even pro anglers remember what it was like to not be able to catch fish consistently.

How’d pros like anglers of the year Brandon Palniuk (Bassmaster) and Robert Blosser (National Walleye Tour) get to such heights in their fishing careers? They practiced, asked questions and implemented some great tips they learned along the way.

Anglers of all skill levels are looking for an edge on the water and will listen to almost any tip or suggestion if it means catching more fish, so Game & Fish asked some of the best professional anglers in the world for the best fishing tips they’ve ever received or shared.

Here are 12 of those answers.

Brandon Palaniuk: Trophy Bass in the Winter

Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk says don’t be surprised, but the winter may be a great time to seek trophy bass. He explains in this video from a press event at Yamaha Marine HQ in Kennesaw, Ga.

Scott Suggs: Watch Out For [Soft-Plastic] Salt

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Scott Suggs says be careful when you attach a soft plastic bait to your rod and reel. The salt can bleed into the reel, and then you’ve got problems. It’s a no-brainer tip, Suggs said during an October 2017 trip to Lake El Salto, Mexico.

Andrew Wheeler: Keep It Simple

Abu Garcia brand manager Andrew Wheeler says keeping things simple is one of the best fishing tips for anglers of all skill levels. He shares his thoughts during a fishing break at Lake El Salto, Mexico, October, 2017

Adrian Avena: Big Worms for Big Bass

Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Adrian Avena covers big-worm techniques used to catch big largemouth bass at Lake El Salto, Mexico, October 2017, where Berkley’s 10-inch Power Worm stayed ‘em.

best fishing tips ever

Pro Anglers Share Best Fishing Tips Ever

We asked several bass and crappie pro to give us their best tips. ...

Robert Blosser: Go-To Search Bait for Walleyes

Cabela’s National Walleye Tour Angler of the Year Robert Blosser reveals his first choice for a search lure while on a trolling bite. It’s a “hands down” choice, he says.

Chad Morgenthaler: Bass in the Grass

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chad Morgenthaler offers tips for catching bass in the grass at Toledo Bend Reservoir, May 2017.

Mack Farr: Power Reeling Stripers

Lake Lanier striper guide Mack Farr shares this tip for catching stripers and other linesides at ICAST 2017. It’s called “power reeling.”

Robert Blosser: How to Become a Better Angler

Cabela’s National Walleye Tour Angler of the Year Robert Blosser says it’s simple: Spend more time on the water and do this …

Brandon Palaniuk: Adjust for Changing Conditions

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk says making the right adjustments when conditions change will put more bass in the boat.

Adrian Avena: Go With What You Know

Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Adrian Avena talks about keeping things basic and relying on your comfort lure for bass.

Robert Blosser: Never Leave Biting Fish

Cabela’s National Walleye Tour Angler of the Year Robert Blosser shares two important tips that were instilled in him early in his development.

Terry Scroggins: Have a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins offers his answer to the question, What’s the best fishing tip you’ve ever received or shared? (May 2017, Toledo Bend Reservoir.)

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