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Amazing: Watch Grizzly Bear Cubs Hitch Ride on Mom’s Back

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  June 20th, 2017 0

Watch these grizzly bear cubs grab a ride across the water on the Agulowak River in southwest Alaska.

Video by Dave Roseman

It’s a fact in Alaska that a salmon fishing trip might also include a bear sighting, especially this time of year, when bears are emerging from hibernation.

But a Father’s Day sighting of a mother bear and her two cubs on the Agulowak River in southwest Alaska near Bristol Bay was simply amazing.

During a fishing trip for king salmon that included Outdoors Sportsman Group‘s Steve Smith, the bears — with the cubs clinging to the back of the mother — were spotted by lodge General Manager Dave Roseman swimming toward shore in front of the GCI Agulowak Retreat lodge located near Dillingham, AK.

grizzly bear cubs

Alaska bear cubs hitch a ride. Photo by Dave Roseman

Roseman quickly pulled out a camera to capture the video above and then shared it with us. (Thanks Dave!)

Smith was representing OSG, the parent company of Game & Fish, on the trip that included sponsors of General Communications, Inc.’s GCI Academic Decathlon, an effort to provide native Alaskans scholarships to colleges. GCI hosts a group of sponsors at the lodge every year.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, the state is home to around 32,000 brown bears (or grizzlies), and human sightings are very common.

Hunters in Alaska harvest around 1,500 grizzlies per year, the agency said.

grizzly bear cubs

Photo by Dave Roseman

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