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Fishing for Crappie During Summer

Beat the Heat: Look Deep for Summer Crappie

by John Felsher 0

Many crappie anglers only fish the pre-spawn and the spawn, when crappie congregate in huge numbers around shallow brush piles… more »

Tips for Catching Big Trout

Crucial Tactics for Catching Big Trout

by Dennis Dauble 0

The very thought of hooking a trophy-sized trout makes my head spin. There are two important prerequisites, though. First and… more »


Expert Bass Fishing Advice for Summer

by Bryan Hendricks 0

Bass fishing is reaching its peak in many parts of the country, and now is the time to catch the… more »

Virginia Bass, Virginia Bass Fishing

Picking Up Post-Spawn Largemouth

by Tim Lilley 0

If you’re having trouble catching Kansas bass this month, maybe all you need is a change of location and tactics. These tips are designed to help. (May 2006)

Patterning Summer Bluegill

Patterning Summer Bluegill

by M.D. Johnson 0

America’s freshwater fish isn’t the largemouth bass. It’s not the smallmouth, the walleye, or the rainbow trout. It’s the bluegill…. more »

Turkey Hunting during tough conditions

Tough Weather Turkey Hunting Tips

by M.D. Johnson 0

In this game called turkey hunting, there are multiple variables that you can actually do something about. You can educate… more »


Watch: Waddell’s Tips for Hunting Henned-up Toms

by Game & Fish Staff 0

He hails from the land of sweet tea, shindigs and sweet potato pie—otherwise known as the Deep South. Hang out… more »


10 Biggest Blue Catfish You Should Know

by Anietra Hamper 0

Blue catfish angler Zakk Royce has done something that most anglers only dream about – pull in a record-setting blue catfish. Not only… more »

Redfish tactics

Essential Tactics for Springtime Redfish

by Jimmy Jacobs 0

One reason that targeting redfish is usually considered a fall sport is the fish are simply easier to pattern at… more »

Post-spawn Walleye fishing tips

Post-Spawn Walleye Fishing Advice

by Ted Peck 0

Post-spawn male walleyes behave like teenage boys who have been coerced into taking a buddy’s fat sister to the high… more »

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