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Parker Concorde Crossbow Goes To Full-Draw With A Push of a Button

by John Geiger   |  September 18th, 2011 12

The Concorde uses a CO2 cartridge to supply the force to quietly cock the crossbow in about 2 seconds. Photo courtesy of Parker.

Crossbows are tough to cock. Whether you use your hands, a rope or mechanical aid, it still takes time and effort. And you shouldn’t cock it in a tree stand; the pressure and space needed could put you off balance.

Parker’s heard the complaints and responded. Their new Parker Concorde Crossbow has an automatic cocking crossbow that cocks the bow by pushing a button. It uses the force of a 9-ounce refillable CO2 bottle and can cock the crossbow as many as 30-40 times. It’s a big step toward making crossbows even more accessible to older people, younger people or those who just want to stay in the stand longer. Another benefit to this system is that with the same button you can un-cock the bow. No more firing into a 20-pound target at the end of the day to release the energy. MSRP, $1,199.

  • rick

    nice concept but to many dollars for average working hunter with a family. i have used a parker crossbow for sometime an love it i use the rope cocker works fine.

    • Hekmat


      How are you ?

      please tell this Product

      what s Alloy Pellet Velocity

      best Regard from Hekmat

  • John

    Me too. I've hunted Parker crossbows for years and I use a cocking rope. Simple, reliable, doesn't leak and doesn't cost $1200. I drive a Ford, not a Land Rover and I use an affordable crossbow. I'd love to have one of these, but at that price, I could buy 3 "affordable" bows

  • Steve


    Very nice concept. I am not supposed to put more than ten pounds pressure with my left arm for medical reasons. Though I find I can still use a cocking rope, as long as I use it sparingly. And I agree with John, $1200 can buy a few good crossbows and still buy lunch.

  • dwight

    I am disabled and have a fused left wrist and 8 operations on my left arm. This would be an excellent piece of hunting equipment for me. It would allow me to bow hunt with no concerns. Unfortunately, I am on a fixed income and would never be able to afford this price.

  • Bob Steinhauser

    I`ve hunted with a Ten-Point crossbow for five years now and it has a built in cocking device that I can cock the bow with one finger,didn`t cost $1100.00 either.

  • Tanstaafl2

    Great and useful concept, but the high price tag is going to make this a dud. That said, when is someone going to make a crossbow with a decent trigger?

    • John Geiger

      It's interesting you asked about a "decent trigger." I had the same question and posed it to outdoor writer Dick Metcalf. We talked about how so many rifle and slug-gun guys are using crossbows now, and how they expect excellent triggers, what with the production Acc-Trigger and LBA, not to mention after-market Timneys. I asked Dick to look into crossbow triggers for an article that will be published in a future G&F/Sportsman magazine. BTW, he said Ten Points have outstanding triggers for crossbows. I agree.

      • Daryl

        I hunt with the Excalibur Vortex 200 lbs crossbow and the trigger is 4.5 lbs. I shoot good groups with it out to 50 yards with a rest. I guess someone could make a better trigger but it works for me.

        • Phil

          I have the Excalibur Vortex as well and was surprised with how nice the trigger felt.

  • Danny Yates

    I have a Parker Concorde and it is a great crossbow for me since I am disabled. Although it can be cocked easily,its heavy weight makes it difficult to hold while shooting and carrying in the field.

  • WoodinVirginia

    $899 Avg price for this model now on ebay… still a High price to pay for a Xbow..

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