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Parker Concorde Crossbow Goes To Full-Draw With A Push of a Button

by John Geiger   |  September 18th, 2011 12

The Concorde uses a CO2 cartridge to supply the force to quietly cock the crossbow in about 2 seconds. Photo courtesy of Parker.

Crossbows are tough to cock. Whether you use your hands, a rope or mechanical aid, it still takes time and effort. And you shouldn’t cock it in a tree stand; the pressure and space needed could put you off balance.

Parker’s heard the complaints and responded. Their new Parker Concorde Crossbow has an automatic cocking crossbow that cocks the bow by pushing a button. It uses the force of a 9-ounce refillable CO2 bottle and can cock the crossbow as many as 30-40 times. It’s a big step toward making crossbows even more accessible to older people, younger people or those who just want to stay in the stand longer. Another benefit to this system is that with the same button you can un-cock the bow. No more firing into a 20-pound target at the end of the day to release the energy. MSRP, $1,199.

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