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Tactics For Catching Spring Walleye

by Keith Sutton 0

When a good many fishermen think about fishing, their thoughts naturally turn toward largemouth bass. After all, no other species… more »

trophy panfish

On The Run! Tactics For Spawning White Bass

by Jeff Samsel 0

The sight of shad fleeing frantically told Gary Dollahon all he needed to know. He fired the outboard as I… more »


Tweak Your Sonar For Crappie Fishing

by Brad Wiegmann 0

If you’re using your fish finder the same way for bass and crappies, you might be missing out on a lot of slab action.


Plan Now! Off-Season Tactics For Deer Hunting

by Travis Faulkner 0

A slight flicker of the buck’s left ear caught my eye along the edge of the brushy thicket that was… more »


Quickie Ice-Fishing Tactics For Walleye

by Noal Vick 0

You came in early all week, banking hours for a premature exodus on Friday. It’s 2 p.m., the cubicles won’t… more »


Cougar Hunting Tips & Tactics

by Patrick Meitin 1

These are tried-and-true cougar hunting tips and tactics to use on your next hunt including predator calling and more. Reaching… more »

Photo by John McFarland III

California Blacktail Hunting

by Cal Kellogg 0

It was as dark as ink. The truck rocked with each gust of wind. The blown raindrops hit with so… more »


Kevin VanDam’s Fall Bass Fishing Tactics

by Matt Straw 5

Bass change location and attitude in a heartbeat at the end of summer. They respond to shorter days and temperature… more »

Photo by Bob Borgwat

Nymph Fishing Tactics for Trout

by Bob Borgwat 1

Several seasons of my 25-year experience in fly-fishing passed before I turned to nymphs — flies like the Pheasant Tail,… more »

Waders can keep you dry, while water cools you down when wade fishing in the summer. Photo by Polly Dean.

Using Waders for Summer River Fishing

by Polly Dean 0

The first time I donned a pair of waders it was late one summer afternoon when the thermometer read well… more »

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