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Ohio bass fishing

Power-Plant Lake Bass Fishing Heats Up in Winter

by Lynn Burkhead 0

After cold and snow grip portions of Texas and the Deep South, expect the fishing action to begin heating up… more »

Not only do casting bubbles let you cast the smallest of lures farther and with greater ease, but they also help you control the depth and path that you fish those tiny offerings. Photo by Steve and Cindy Taylor.

Casting Bubble Tactics

by Steve & Cindy Taylor 7

When it comes to business or matters of the heart, we’ve all had forehead-smacking moments when we thought, “If I’d… more »

Ohio Catfish fishing

Rigging For Catfish — How To Select The Right Tools For The Job

by Jeff Samsel 4

Have you ever taken on a major jigsaw puzzle and really labored to find a few specific pieces, only to… more »


2 Terrific Rigs For Catfish

by Game & Fish Staff 5

by Jeff Samsel Although various specialized rigs come in a handy for certain situations, two basic rigs will cover a… more »

Sixty-five-pound Sufix Performance Braid helped the angler get a nice largemouth through the weeds and to the boat. The bass smacked the River2Sea Bully Wa Frog. Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

Top Fishing Line Options For Trophy Bass

by Game & Fish Staff 5

by Bruce Ingram After trying a number of lures and failing to receive a strike from a bass, my buddy… more »

Crankbaits with rattle chambers are ideal for stirring up a little bass action, but some lures, like the Xcalibur Xcs Square Lip, shown here, are intentionally made silent for situations when silence is golden  Photo by Jeff Samsel.

Tactics For Creating Sounds For Bass

by Jeff Samsel 2

Bass ears aren’t much to look at, and that’s probably just as well. Beyond the fact that a set of… more »


Trick Out Your Soft-Plastic Lizard For Pressured Bass

by Game & Fish Staff 1

Dancing Lizards: Here’s a great way to trick out a soft-plastic lizard to catch fussy, heavily pressured bass. First, push… more »

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