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Capt. Mike Smith shows off an average-sized snook, which are plentiful in the mangrove maze of Pine Island Sound. Photo by Polly Dean.

Late-Summer Florida Fishing Hotspots

by Ken Freel 1

When it comes to fishing, the sun certainly does shine a lot in Florida. After all, our huge peninsula state… more »

Mark Nichols displays the kind of snook that can be taken from the beaches in the summer months. Photo courtesy of DOA Lures.

Beach Tactics for Florida Snook Fishing

by Frank Sargeant 1

Every time I go beach snooking, I am reminded of the time that Ted Turner ran his America‚Äôs Cup yacht… more »


Florida’s Summer Vacation Angling

by Brock Norman 0

by Carolee Boyles. School will be out soon and the summer holidays upon us. It’s time to plan your vacation,… more »

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