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It should be obvious that Wynne catfisherman Jason Griffin is pleased with this hefty flathead. He caught it while night-fishing on the Mississippi River in southeast Arkansas. Photo by Keith Sutton.

Night Moves: Arkansas Catfishing Hotspots

by Keith Sutton 1

The June night was perfect for catfishing — warm, overcast and calm. I was listening to a great horned owl… more »


Iowa Fishing Hot Spots for May

by Dan Anderson 0

Here’s a look at Iowa fishing hot spots for the month of May!

Photo by Polly Dean

2012 Tennessee Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

We’ve picked three of the best bites in Tennessee for every month of the year. Here’s a look at our 2012 Tennessee Fishing Calendar.

Walleyes remain a major species for Wisconsin anglers to go after, and with catches of fish like these two, it’s little wonder.  Photo by Ted Peck.

Best Bets for Wisconsin Fishing in 2012

by Ted Peck 0

Following are some promising angling opportunities just down the road from you in the great state of Wisconsin.

Here’s a 116-pound blue cat that was caught by Brad Stout near Helena in August 2008. Photo courtesy of Brad Stout.

Top Spots for 100-Pound Arkansas Catfish

by Keith Sutton 0

They’re called the “dog days”— those hot, sticky days in July and August when the dog star, Sirius, rises with… more »

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