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Photo by Ron Sinfelt

South Alabama’s Top Catfish Waters

by John E. Phillips 0

You can catch plenty of catfish in June in south Alabama. But, you have to first find those fish. The… more »


Best Bets for Alabama Fishing in 2012

by Eileen Davis 0

Need to plan your fishing destinations for 2012? To help you select from the diverse fishing opportunities our state has to offer, here’s a look at some the best angling trips for each month of the year.


Best Bets for Oklahoma Fishing in 2012

by Bob Bledsoe 0

Let’s look at some of the most promising options, month by month, throughout 2012.

Photo by Michael Skinner

Late-Summer Oklahoma Catfishing Tips

by Bob Bledsoe 0

I was well into my 30s before I learned that catfish can be caught in the wintertime in Oklahoma. Prior… more »

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