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Our state offers great diversity in its waterfowl hunting opportunities.

California’s Best Waterfowl Hunting

by Cal Kellogg 0

These California waterfowl hunting destinations are among the state’s top picks for ducks and geese this season. I’ve been hunting… more »


Should South Dakota Allow Muskrat Hunting?

by Dylan Polk 1

If you ask any South Dakota farmer, they’ll tell you how destructive muskrats can be. Nasty little pests, they’ll say,… more »

Image courtesy of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Louisiana Trespasser Gets Lost in Woods, Arrested Later

by Dylan Polk 1

Pop quiz. When wandering onto private property and confronted by the landowner, do you A) politely apologize and go on… more »

The author packs out a buck sporting 12 long points. Jay killed the mature buck well past opening day's excitement.  Photo by Jay Langston.

7 Late-Season Deer Tactics

by Jay Langston 6

Opening day of deer season is an event. As the first rays of light climb toward the horizon, shots ring… more »


Freezing Feet? Try Thermacell Heated Insoles

by Dylan Polk 0

Hunting and early season fishing in freezing conditions almost certainly means freezing feet, and that makes it a literal pain… more »


Spook Spann’s Pre-Rut Whitetail Tactics

by Travis Faulkner 1

Without question, legendary bow hunter and big bone collector “Spook” William Spann of the hit television show “Spook Nation” knows… more »

If you're a bowhunter who hunts with a smoke pole, you need to back away from your funnel-stand, trail-stand or field-stand setups by another 75 or 100 yards. Get deeper into the woods and higher in the trees. Photo courtesy of Thomas Allen.

Must-Know Muzzleloader Tactics for the Deer Woods

by Thomas Allen 0

One of the most common mistakes I see in the whitetail woods by muzzleloader hunters who are also archery hunter,… more »


How You Can Become A Better Handgun Hunter

by Gary Lewis 2

When a hunter carries a handgun afield for big game, he or she joins an elite group of marksmen, unique… more »

Photo by David Johnson

2011 Texas Dove Forecast

by Paul Bradshaw 0

Some kids count down the number of days left until school is out. Others keep a running tally of how… more »

The other is an exquisite example of a “hunter in situ,” or an “in position” scene, of a pair of bobwhites at the edge of a field.  Photos courtesy of Baron Engraving.

Firearm Engraving 101

by Game & Fish Staff 0

by Roger Post Interested in getting one of your guns engraved? Wondering where you would start? The first item of… more »

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