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If you're a bowhunter who hunts with a smoke pole, you need to back away from your funnel-stand, trail-stand or field-stand setups by another 75 or 100 yards. Get deeper into the woods and higher in the trees. Photo courtesy of Thomas Allen.

Must-Know Muzzleloader Tactics for the Deer Woods

by Thomas Allen 0

One of the most common mistakes I see in the whitetail woods by muzzleloader hunters who are also archery hunter,… more »

A woodcock in the hand after a short hunt in local covers. Photo by Brad Eden.

Mixed Bag Hunting Tips For Grouse & Woodcock

by Brad Eden 0

During the overlap of the ruffed grouse and woodcock seasons, upland hunters get a unique opportunity to hunt both game… more »


How You Can Become A Better Handgun Hunter

by Gary Lewis 2

When a hunter carries a handgun afield for big game, he or she joins an elite group of marksmen, unique… more »

Gary Lewis rests his Kimber while Scott Denny, of Cheyenne, glasses from a rock outcropping on an October hunt in Wyoming. Photo by Gary Lewis.

Open Country Spot-And-Stalk Tactics for Mule Deer

by Gary Lewis 0

Last October, we looked across the plains and watched band after band of antelope and mule deer in herds of… more »

Photo by Brian Strickland

Wilderness Elk Hunting in Colorado

by Brian Strickland 0

The cadence of shod hooves slapping against the rocky ground filtered through the damp mountain air as we eased up… more »


5 Keys for Successful Dove Hunting

by Polly Dean 5

Most of us don’t own stock in an ammunition company.  Nor do we appreciate unloading shell after shell trying to… more »

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