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Kevin VanDam’s Fall Bass Fishing Tactics

by Matt Straw 5

Bass change location and attitude in a heartbeat at the end of summer. They respond to shorter days and temperature… more »


Great Trout Lures: Minnow Imitating-Plugs & In-Line Spinners

by Jeff Samsel 0

Everything about the spot screams trout — the hard shadow, the deep run, the current break, the cover… The idea… more »

Former guide and tournament catfisherman Jeff Williams formed the Team Catfish brand to supply gear to serious big-cat anglers. Photo by Jeff Samsel.

Must-Know Tactics for Catching Trophy Catfish

by Jeff Samsel 2

“Don’t worry about that stuff,” a friend calmly assured me, having seen me “go on point” every time the rod… more »


Speed Jigging Tips For Summer Walleyes

by Dan Small 2

Old beliefs die hard. Take walleyes, for instance. Let’s look at three common beliefs regarding walleye behavior. In summer, they… more »


5 Fishing Spots For Summertime River Bass

by Rod Hunter 5

When summer’s high temperatures settle in, bass can get a bit sluggish in lakes. But, rivers are a different matter…. more »

Monty Moncrief with a lunker Rogue Bay king caught on a Rogue Bait Rig in August 2010.  Photo by Andy Martin.

Tactics for Chinook Salmon Fishing in Oregon’s Rogue Bay

by Andy Martin 1

Watching intently as one of the workers at the Rogue Outdoor Store in Gold Beach, Ore., showed them how to… more »

Photo by Bret Alexander

Top Spots for Minnesota Tiger Muskie Fishing

by Ron C. Hustvedt Jr. 2

“There’s just something special about tigers — they are a ton of fun to catch,” said Josh Stevenson, owner of… more »

Tossing a popping bug along shoreline cover can get the attention of largemouths. Photo by Polly Dean.

Tactics for Popping Bugs on Fly-Rod Largemouths

by Polly Dean 7

There are few things that get your blood pumping faster than a bass smacking a popping bug on the surface… more »

Billy Rosner with a nice catch

8 Tips For Tackling Big Muskies

by Ken Dunwoody 4

Big muskies rarely come easily. If you’re a novice muskie angler, or if you find yourself on unfamiliar waters, you… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

It’s Prime Time For Panfishing No Matter Where You Live

by Game & Fish Staff 0

by Dan Anderson Panfish — by dictionary-definition any fish that will fit in a frying pan without segmenting or dividing… more »

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