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10 Most Dangerous Animals for American Sportsmen

by Bob McNally   |  October 24th, 2013 1
alligator, gator, american alligator, everglades alligator, everglades gator

Gators are common in water-rich areas like the Florida Everglades and the bayou country of south Louisiana. Image via Jerzystrzelecki

With a plethora of Halloween ghouls and goblins lurking soon in the autumn darkness, it seems appropriate to list ten of the most dangerous animals a person may encounter outdoors while afield or afloat. Although they are not all deadly, the adrenaline surge of coming face-to-face with them certainly ranks high on the blood pressure scale.

While most of the following spooky creatures may come under the heading of rare animals, the likelihood of encountering them is far more likely than a person happening across a 30-foot long giant oarfish or a school of beached pilot whales.

So here they are, and with luck, you’ll make it through the outdoor world this fall without ever knowing they were close at hand.


Have you had a close call with any of these creatures? Share your best horror story with us in the comments or on Facebook!

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