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Wildlife Officers Find 17 Bundles of Pot Worth $600K

by Scott Bernarde   |  February 21st, 2018 0

In all, the bundles of weed weighed nearly 800 pounds. (Shutterstock image)

A young boy and his father reported seeing “suspicious-looking bundles” in the water at Falcon State Park in Texas. In all, 17 bundles of marijuana were worth more than $600,000. 

A game warden and state park police officer were at the boat ramp in Falcon State Park, Texas, after patrolling the lake for water safety violations when a young boy approached and stated he and his dad were fishing when they observed several suspicious-looking bundles floating in the water.

He showed the officers a photo of one of the bundles and stated they had marked the location on their GPS in the boat.

The two officers drove to the location by boat, where they recovered 17 large bundles of marijuana floating in the water.

The marijuana weighed 705 pounds and was valued at $564,208.

It was later discovered that U.S. Border Patrol agents had an incident with marijuana smuggling the previous night in that same area, and it is believed that these bundles were related to that incident.

While on patrol the following day, the two officers recovered two more bundles in the same area. That haul weighed over 82 pounds and was valued at $66,080.

Total value of the weed: $630,288.

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