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Game Warden Stories: Forgotten ABC’s, Stranded Kayakers, ‘You Caught Me’

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  August 3rd, 2017 0

There’s no doubt the Texas Game Wardens, as well as any wildlife officers in any state, face a myriad of incidents when in the field — from the serious to the ridiculous.

Regularly, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department posts “Game Warden Notes,” an online roundup of recent law enforcement stories compiled directly from reports in the field.

Here are some of those stories (republished with permission).

From the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Game Warden Field Notes, July 28

A, B, C, D, B, W, I

Travis County game wardens arrested two subjects for boating while intoxicated (BWI) on Lake Travis after observing the men switching driver’s seats.

One of the wardens asked the original driver, who was wearing an ankle monitor, to recite his ABCs. After reciting a portion of the alphabet he stopped and was asked to continue, but stated, “No, I can’t actually.”

This subject was placed under arrest for BWI. The second driver, who was already on probation for DWI, was hiding in the cabin of the boat and was subsequently arrested as well. The cases are pending.

game warden stories

(Graphic from Texas Parks & Wildlife)

‘You Caught Me’

While patrolling Willacy County, a game warden received an Operation Game Thief crime stopper call regarding three individuals who were possibly working a gill net within a public waterway on the west side of the county. After arriving at the location, the warden witnessed two exhausted individuals putting the final touches on a freshly set gill net.

After a few minutes, the fishermen finally noticed they were being watched by a game warden and one of the individuals immediately said, “Well sir, I’m not going to deny it, you caught me.”

The warden proceeded to inform the exhausted individuals that it was time to remove the illegal net from the water and receive citations. Cases are pending.

BWI, Minor in Boat

Game wardens were patrolling the annual Fourth of July fireworks show on the Sabine River for water safety compliance. At the conclusion of the show, the wardens stopped a vessel for improper lighting.

When the blue lights on the wardens’ boat were initiated, the subject would not stop his vessel and accelerated. Finally the wardens were able to get his attention to stop the vessel.

The operator had an expired registration, one minor onboard was not wearing a personal floatation device and another was wearing a PFD improperly. The boat operator also exhibited signs of possible impairment and after failing a field sobriety test was arrested for boating while intoxicated.

He also received a citation for child under 13 years of age not wearing a life jacket and multiple warnings. The case is pending.

Kayakers: What a Drag

A Real County game warden received a call near midnight from a ranch foreman about two kayakers who were stranded on the West Fork of the Frio River. The warden arrived on the scene and began visiting with the kayakers. They told him they put in around 4:30 p.m. and had only traveled approximately 6 miles.

They told him they were planning to kayak to Concan. He advised them they were 25 miles from Concan by road. He also advised them to rethink their trip because they were going to have to drag their kayaks most of the trip due to the river being low because of the lack of rain

The warden took one of the kayakers back to their vehicle so they could load up their kayaks and come up with another plan. They were very thankful for the warden coming out so late to help them.

Game Warden Stories publishes occasionally on Game & Fish. The accounts above are shared with permission.


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