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Oklahoma Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Mike Lambeth   |  March 11th, 2014 0
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Hunter Krewall of Clinton shot this turkey on opening day of the 2013 youth spring turkey season.

Face it. If you are a Sooner turkey hunter, the drought is not your friend! This cataclysmic, long-term weather event has wreaked havoc on our landscape, drying up ponds and killing trees and vegetation. Its trickle-down effect is manifested with declining numbers of game animals. Fawn production is down in the western parts of our state, and no doubt turkey recruitment has suffered as well. Thank goodness deer and turkeys are resilient creatures and will bounce back, because times have been tough out west.

In other parts of the state, Oklahoma turkey hunting numbers are stable, with some areas actually reporting growing numbers. That is good new if you are bent toward turkey hunting. All the bad news aside, the coming season is shaping up to be a decent one.

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