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Spin-Fishing With Flies

by Jeff Samsel 6

The whipping was undeniable. It seemed my fly-rod-wielding buddy was engaged with another trout every time I gave him a… more »

Slightly larger than its cousin the ruffed grouse, the blue grouse often inhabits similar terrain and is nearly always found close to evergreens. Photo by Eric J. Hansen.

Upland Birds Tips To Tip The Scales In Your Favor

by Rev. Dr. David Q. Hall 0

“There’s one!” my truck-driving friend almost shouted. A plump ruffed grouse sat just on the edge of the little, rocky,… more »

Often hunters will have to travel deep into the backcountry to pursue mule deer. These western deer are not as tolerant of humans as their eastern cousins.  Photo by Dave Campbell.

Six Great Rocky Mountain Deer Hunts

by Dave Campbell 0

Every year thousands of hunters venture west to hunt deer and other big game. Many have made the trip several… more »

Hunter Craig Hodson is well-schooled in Collegiate Range deer. This “diploma” is definetly a wall-hanger.  Photo courtesy of Matschee Guide Service.

Colorado’s Collegiate Mountains Deer

by Brian Strickland 0

Even after nearly two decades, the events of the first Colorado buck I took on that early November morning are… more »

Matt Christensen is shown using llamas to pack out of the Colorado high country. Photo by

Rocky Mountain Deer Round-Up

by Chuck Robbins 0

As usual, Colorado is expected to win the blue ribbon for Rocky Mountain deer this year. Elsewhere, hunters can expect… more »

Several units in Arizona will produce trophy bulls this fall. Photo by Lance Crowther.

2011 Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting Forecast

by Darren Choate 0

This fall is shaping up to be another tremendous year for big bull harvests across the Rocky Mountain States. If… more »


Nevada’s Trout Triple Crown

by Doug Nielsen 0

Three hotspots in the Silver State’s northeastern corner boast trout in the teens. But you’ll need a little local knowledge to really cash in on action at Wildhorse Reservoir, South Fork Reservoir and Ruby Marshes. (June 2007)


Mohave Bassin’

by admin 0

While Lake Mead is highly touted as Nevada’s premier destination for largemouth bass, oft overlooked is Lake Mohave, which may actually provide anglers with better chances for bigger fish with less fishing pressure.

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