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artificial reef

Release the ‘Kraken': Texas Adds to Gulf Artificial Reef System

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

From Texas Parks and Wildlife press release Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program, which enhances the marine environment in the… more »

crappie fishing

Crappie Fishing: How to Find ‘Em After Cold Front

by Dan Anderson 0

A cold front is a cold front to most folks, but to anglers in the springtime a cold front is a… more »

Texas crappie fishing

2017 Texas Crappie Fishing Forecast

by John Gill 0

The Lone Star State is embarking on its third consecutive year of excellent fishing conditions going into the winter months, meaning… more »

Oklahoma crappie fishing

Oklahoma Crappie Fishing Forecast Spring 2017

by Bob Bledsoe 0

Sac-a-lait, strawberry bass, calico bass, white perch, slab, crappie, and more names than you can remember — they all mean… more »

2017 Texas Fishing Forecast

by Will Leschper 0

Texas has the best fishing in the country, and regardless of whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater, there’s something for… more »

OK Fishing Forecast Feature

2017 Oklahoma Fishing Forecast

by Bryan Hendricks 0

Deer and duck seasons are scrapbook memories now, and Oklahoma sportsmen are itching to fish. We’ve picked a good time… more »

Ultimate West Fishing Trips Logo

The Ultimate Western Bass Fishing Trip

by David Paul Williams 0

When many anglers envision a day on the water Out West, thoughts of trout-packed mountain streams might be at the… more »

Western Coyote

Fooling Western Coyotes

by D.H. Willis 0

One might think coyotes would be doomed. It’s a species that has had traps laid and poison scattered for it,… more »

Southwest Deer Forecast

Southwest Deer Forecast for 2016

by John E. Phillips 0

To find an overlooked Southwestern buck you’ll need a quality pair of hiking boots, a frame pack to get your… more »

Huge Texas Deer

Texas Deer Forecast for 2016

by Will Leschper 0

The Texas deer-hunting forecast typically involves little in the way of new developments, but in a state with the largest… more »

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