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Pamela’s Story: A Memorable Fly Fishing Encounter

April 28th, 2017 0

Editor’s Note: Our popular Camera Corner features reader photos and stories from successful trips in the field or on the water — from turkey hunting to fly fishing for trout. Game & Fish will share the best of those stories on our home page.

fly fishing

Pamela Caldwell Dunlap with Fly Fisherman Editor Ross Purnell.

West Virginia fly fishing enthusiast Pamela Caldwell Dunlap shared her story of fly fishing on the north fork of the south branch of the Potomac River, when she met a noted fly fishing editor when she was trying to net a rainbow trout.

By Pamela Caldwell Dunlap

So all weekend I’m carrying around a magazine in my sling pack hoping to get an autograph.

It never happened.

So on Sunday after the girls checked out and headed home I went fishing over the mountain.

I’ve got a fish on and he keeps digging, fighting and running when I tried to net him. A gentleman comes up behind me and asks if I need help.

“Sure!” I say.

After he nets the fish I ask him to pose for a picture with me.

Everyone meet …

Ross Purnell, Editor of Fly Fisherman Magazine. “Better than any autograph!”

Catch Data

  • Taken At: North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac
  • Taken On: 04/23/2017
  • With: Pamela Caldwell Dunlap/Ross Purnell
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