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February Bass Fishing in West Virginia

by Bruce Ingram   |  February 18th, 2014 0
West Virginia fishing, smallmouth bass, bass fishing, SMB, catching bass

Here's where to catch the best smallmouth action in West Virginia this February.

Would it be possible for a hardcore West Virginia angler to spend the entire year doing nothing but fishing maybe a little bit of hunting mixed in?  Well, let’s just pretend that such a year would be possible, and here’s a game plan for accomplishing this fantasy.

Here’s a sample of some great destinations to help you plan your next fishing trip and be sure to check out the solunar fishing calendar on In-Fisherman!


Lower Elk River


My biggest Elk River walleye was only 26 inches, and the reason I write “only” is that far bigger marble-eyes fin this central West Virginia waterway.  The lower Elk below Sutton Lake is known for both trophy-size and numbers of walleyes, and February remains a prime month for them.

Two of the more popular float trips are King Shoals to Queen Shoals (8 miles) and Frametown to Duck (6 miles).  Both feature a number of deep pools and riffles – or shoals, as they are known in this part of the state.  In February, however, look for the fish to be more concentrated around rock and wood cover in the pools. A rainy and/or overcast day after a warm front has come through is your best bet for success.  For information on float trips go to


Other Options:

The North Fork of the South Branch receives two stockings of trout this month and little fishing pressure. If wintertime runoff is not a problem, fishing is prime.

Middle Island Creek and its muskies don’t require warm weather or water for the action to heat up.

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