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Your Best Spring Fishing in Virginia

by Mark Fike   |  March 20th, 2014 0
Crappie, Crappie Fishing, Papermouth

Photo By Ron Sinfelt

Whether you’re planning on hitting the steelhead or spring fishing in Virginia for largemouth bass, these are the top places you definitely won’t want to miss.


Largemouth Bass

Lake Chesdin

Lake Chesdin has a great largemouth fishery that often gets overlooked because of other nearby impoundments.

Biologist’s reports show that largemouth bass in Chesdin do quite well and are very healthy fish. It is not uncommon to catch 3- to 4-pound fish and there is potential for bass much larger.

In March the fish are looking for warmer water and many find that by heading up the lake and even into the Appomattox River.

Anglers who find structure near deep water will likely find the best fishing during this unsettled weather month.

Be persistent and once you latch on to the correct fishing pattern stick with it. Check with other anglers offloading or loading and compare notes. Often one tip can quickly set anglers up for a successful trip.



Chickahominy River

There are so many great crappie waters in Virginia that it was really tough to pinpoint just one to write about. However, a little digging showed me that many overlook the Chickahominy River for speckled perch fishing.

Most crappie anglers focus on impoundments versus tidal waters. However, Yarmouth Creek and Diascund Creek on the Chickahominy are well known for producing great catches of fish in the 9- to 11-inch range. The fish find plenty of forage in the river and are quite healthy.

As with so many crappie fisheries, bright jigs and minnows are basic tools of the trade when looking to fill a cooler with these tasty panfish. This river system has historically held good numbers and sizes of crappie and April is a prime month to get them. Don’t be afraid to move around or change colors until you find them.


Largemouth Bass

Pelham Reservoir

Pelham Reservoir is a small stick of dynamite in the largemouth world. This 255-acre impoundment is shallow, but has suddenly come on with an incredible largemouth fishery.

There are two boat ramps, but one is very shallow, best suited for canoes and kayaks. The other one is best for Jon or smaller bass boats and is located near the dam.

John Odenkirk did the last sampling on the reservoir and stated that there were numerous bass over 18 inches there. The better springtime areas were reportedly the face of the dam and the left bank leaving the dam, but still in the upper portion of the lake.

Be sure to get a permit for boating ($25) and one for fishing ($10). Both are good for the calendar year.

They can be purchased during the week at the treasurer’s office at 400 South Main Street, Suite 109 in Culpeper. Phone: (540) 829-8220.

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