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February Bass Fishing in South Carolina

by Jeff Samsel   |  February 18th, 2014 0
South Carolina catfish fishing, crappie fishing, largemouth bass, LMB, catching bass

Here's where to catch the best bass action in South Carolina this February.

Let’s take a look at a few of the options available for February bass fishing in South Carolina.

Here’s a sample of some great destinations to help you plan your next fishing trip and be sure to check out the solunar fishing calendar on In-Fisherman!



Blue Catfish

Santee Cooper

February can bring the hardest cold of winter or spring-like sunny days, and either scenario can be good news from a blue cat fishing standpoint. When winter hangs on tight, menhaden congregate in the deep water near the spillway at Lake Moultrie, and the blues pile up beneath them. Blues and baitfish congregate similarly in the deepest water near Santee Dam, which impounds the Santee River to form Lake Marion.

When the sun shines brightly for a couple of days and warms the water, the baitfish and the blues migrate onto shallow flats and hold in the slight ditches that break up those flats. Anchor close to a ditch, spread out several lines baited with cut herring and be ready. When blue cats grab baits in shallow water and have nowhere to dive, they typically take off with the torque of race cars.

If significant water is running through the Santee Cooper system, an alternative way to target trophy cats during February is to set up at the mouth of the Diversion Canal, cast big pieces of cut bait down current and let them settle on the bottom.

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