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Top Places for Bass Fishing in North Carolina

by Mike Marsh   |  April 4th, 2014 1
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Photo By Mike Marsh

Ask any biologist to name the best bass fishing waters in his district and one water body will rise to the top faster than a bass busting a Hula Popper. Any angler who thinks he knows which nearby lake has the best bass fishing may just be in for a shock when he hears the answer.

Biologists depend upon data obtained by electroshock surveys in forming their opinions. The most important numbers they obtain are relative weight values, which are the ratio of length to weight. These condition ratings indicate the “plumpness” of fish, with a relative weight of 100 ideal. Other important bytes of information include catch rates per hour and average sizes.

Combined with anecdotal angler information and gut feelings, scientific samplings give biologists a leg up, which can also elevate the efforts of any weekend warrior or tournament pro. So, fire up the outboard and hold onto your favorite logo-embossed bass cap because some of these hotspots are going to surprise you.

Here’s what to expect for bass fishing in North Carolina.

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