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Your Best Spring Fishing in Louisiana

by Kody Chase   |  March 20th, 2014 0
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Photo By Ron Sinfelt

There’s never been a better time for spring fishing in Louisiana, so grab your favorite rod and reel and hit the water! Here are the places you won’t want to miss.


Largemouth Bass

Toledo Bend Reservoir

Compared to February, weather during March should become more pr edictable, as should the fish.

Toledo Bend is renowned for both its significant bass population and its sizeable bass.

Although Louisiana continues to see cold fronts, the severity shouldn’t change fishing patterns too much. Largemouth bass tend to spawn in shallow water on most lakes, especially here in the southern part of the country and locating fish in the spring is relatively easy compared to other times of the year. If you keep your boat in 10 or so feet of water and cast your lure to the bank or near shallow structures, chances are you can do very well.

Launching a boat is easy. There are six public launches available for use. The reservoir is considered shared water with Texas, so read your regulations regarding 

Other Options:

March bass are also biting on Lake D’Arbonne.

Sac-a-lait can be caught on Poverty Point Reservoir near Delhi.


Flathead Catfish

Red River

Thanks to a high catfish population, plenty of deep water and warming conditions, the Red River offers some of the best catfish waters in Louisiana.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers installed several water-control structures, creating five fishable pools between Shreveport and Coushatta. The river’s flooded backwaters and areas around all manmade structures that cause eddies in the current are the spots to focus on. Areas upstream of each of the locks and dams are also good places to toss a line.

The Red River can produce flatheads in the 50-pound range and some bigger ones.

Maps of the Red River’s pools and each lock and dam can be ordered on the COE Web site at

Other Options:

Bluegills are moving towards their beds in the state’s farm ponds. Crickets, worms and a landowner’s permission should yield a nice stringer.

Or you can head south into the salt to tackle dolphin while the season is at its peak.



Inshore Marshes

In the late part of spring, redfish begin to congregate in the marshes, as the brown shrimp move into the same shallow areas. Couple migrating shrimp with congregations of redfish, and the timing could not be better for redfish anglers.

Get out early in the morning and cast around inlets and openings along the marsh grass. Redfish should be prowling looking for an easy breakfast. Obviously, under these conditions, you should have plenty of shrimp on the boat.

Other Options:

Staying in the salt, head west to Lake Calcasieu for speckled trout moving towards the outer marshes.

Also, you can head north to freshwater for largemouth bass. A good place to start is near the northwest corner of the state in Cross Lake just outside Shreveport.

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