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fall hunting options

Fall Hunting Options in Mississippi, Louisiana

by John Felsher 0

This is a great time to be a sportsman or woman in Mississippi and Louisiana, as there are so many fall… more »

2017 Louisiana Deer Forecast Feature

2017 Louisiana Deer Forecast

by Kody Chase 0

Hunters know that change is part of the game. Subtle changes to habits, skill sets and hunting tool kits come… more »

fall hunting and fishing

Fall Hunting and Fishing in Mississippi, Louisiana

by Andy Douglas 0

It’s a great time for Mississippi and Louisiana sportsmen and women, as fall hunting and fishing opportunities abound throughout both states. The days are… more »

Louisiana deer

The State of Louisiana Deer

by Kody Chase 0

There are many issues for the Louisiana deer herd, but the LDFW is constantly monitoring the herd for health and… more »

early teal

7 Early Teal Hunting Hotspots

by Lynn Burkhead 0

As blue-winged teal — and a few greenwings — make their way down south in September, here are seven early teal… more »

fall fishing

Fall Fishing: Catch Multi Species in La., Miss.

by Carolee Boyles 0

As temperatures drop, the fishing in Mississippi and Louisiana heats back up, providing anglers with countless opportunities for fall fishing. By… more »


Find Great Catfishing At These Miss.-La. Waterways

by Cliff Covington 0

Great catfishing and summer are pretty much uttered in the same breath in Mississippi and Louisiana, especially since there are… more »

summertime crappie

Summertime Crappie: Tips to Catch Hard-to-Get Slabs

by David Brown 0

It rocks when the bite’s easy. But when summertime crappie fishing gets difficult, dig in and consider a new strategy. By… more »

Northern Plains bass fishing

Best Bass Fishing in Louisiana’s Bayou Rivers

by Kody Chase 0

While there are a lot of great bass lakes throughout Louisiana, some of the best bass fishing can be found… more »

Toledo Bend fishing dispute

Gun Drawn During Dispute Over Fishing Hole: Report

by Scott Bernarde 0

The Toledo Bend fishing dispute that escalated over a public fishing area led to charges for both men involved in the… more »

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