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Top Places for Bass Fishing in Kentucky

by Norm Minch   |  April 4th, 2014 0

Bass, Bass Fishing, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Here are your best bets for bass fishing in Kentucky in 2014.

Isn’t it the month of March that’s supposed to come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb?  If the adage is true, that’s great news for Kentucky bass anglers, since it is precisely that type of moderating of the weather that gets largemouth cranked up for the spring frenzy throughout the commonwealth.

If you stop and think a little bit like a largemouth might, you realize they really aren’t so much different than humans.  In the colder winter period, our drive to be active tends to throttle back, but as the warmer days approach, we start to gear back up.  For bass, that means more frequent feeding and getting in better physical shape for the upcoming spawn in the not-so-distant future.

Presently Kentucky as a whole is in excellent shape in regard to having many waters that are experiencing excellent largemouth fishing.  Several smaller impoundments, which tend to warm quicker, are doing well for bucketmouths, as are numerous major impoundments.  Late March and April are the transition period when bass begin to move in to warmer shallow water, and obviously are at their best weights to give your rod a decent bend when they latch on.

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