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KY Vacation Lodge Room

Best Vacation Lodges In Kentucky

by Norm Minch 0

In addition to Kentucky having a wide array of activities related to woods and water, the Commonwealth operates excellent state-run… more »

duck lodges

Great Duck Lodges For Sportsmen

by Marshall Ford 0

The dream trip for the ultimate in waterfowling can be found at any of these duck lodges. Duck hunting is humming at… more »

Hurley Buck KY

2017 Kentucky Trophy Bucks

by Paul Moore 0

The trophy buck harvest has been booming in the Bluegrass State over the past decade or so. Hunters have had… more »

kentucky waterfowl

Kentucky Waterfowl Hunting Preview 2017

by Norm Minch 0

With excellent habitat and some cold weather up north, Kentucky hunters should enjoy some good waterfowl hunting this fall.

2017 Kentucky Deer Forecast Feature

2017 Kentucky Deer Forecast

by Paul Moore 0

There seems to be no ceiling in sight for deer hunters in Kentucky, at least not for the near future…. more »

Fall hunting and fishing

Fall Hunting and Fishing in Kentucky

by admin 0

It’s a great time for Bluegrass State sportsmen and women, as fall hunting and fishing opportunities abound throughout the state. By Ken… more »

Kentucky bowhunting

Going Stick ‘N String: Bowhunting in Kentucky

by Paul Moore 0

The first opportunity for hunters to pursue deer each year is with a bow, and Kentucky bowhunting offers some of… more »

Jason Koger

Jason’s Courage: Amputations Haven’t Slowed Ky. Hunter

by John Geiger 0

Any one of us might have been in the situation crossbow hunter  Jason Koger was in. Could you also rise… more »

early teal

7 Early Teal Hunting Hotspots

by Lynn Burkhead 0

As blue-winged teal — and a few greenwings — make their way down south in September, here are seven early teal… more »

2017 solar eclipse

Will 2017 Solar Eclipse Impact Hunting & Fishing?

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Celestial rarity meets game and fish on Monday during the 2017 Solar Eclipse. What’s gonna happen? Call it an opportunity… more »

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