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Top Places for Bass Fishing in Georgia

by Ronnie Garrison   |  April 4th, 2014 0
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Photo By Ron Sinfelt

Want to catch some bass this year?  What fisherman doesn’t? But those of us in Georgia can get confused.  We can go after numbers of bass or try for a trophy. And there are several of the eight subspecies of black bass in our state.  We have a lot of choices.  But most of us are happy to do a lot of bass fishing in Georgia, and maybe have a chance of putting one on the wall.

Do you want to fish big reservoirs?  There are lots of choices. Prefer river fishing? No problem.  Or would you like to go to some smaller lakes managed for fishing where there are no pleasure boaters and it is much more peaceful? Our public fishing areas are all over the state.

Choose one of the following near you for the type bass fishing you like, or try them all for variety.


The Flint River starts just south of the Atlanta Airport, tumbles its way through shoals to Lake Blackshear, continues for miles south of there through shoals and deep channels all the way to Lake Seminole. It is known for its shoal bass that resemble smallmouth in many ways and are plentiful throughout its length.

You can wade the shoals on the upper river near Griffin, but a great trip is to put a canoe, kayak or johnboat in just below the Blackshear Dam and float and wade down to the State Route 32 bridge. This is a full day trip if you stop and wade the many shoals along this section of river, and that is where you catch most of the shoal bass.

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