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Bass, Bass Fishing, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Top Places for Bass Fishing in Florida

by Chris Christian 0

From secret bass hotspots to tactics and gear, these are your best bets for bass fishing in Florida.

landshark fishing, shark fishing, surf fishing for sharks, huge hammerhead, hammerhead shark

Video: Florida Students Reel in 700-Pound Hammerhead Shark

by Debbie Hanson 0

A group of Florida students reeled a monster hammerhead while shark fishing. Watch this video to see it happen.

adam warwick, black bear rescue, drowing bear, black bear, florida bear rescue

Florida FWC Biologist Makes Heroic Black Bear Rescue

by Debbie Hanson 0

Find out what happened when one brave Florida FWC biologist takes a dangerous black bear rescue into his owns hands.

Speckled Trout, Sea Trout, Trout, Trout Fishing

Your Best Spring Fishing in Florida

by Polly Dean 0

From lakes to rivers to reservoirs and which species to target, these are your best bets for spring fishing in Florida.

Gobbler, Turkey, Turkey Hunting, Hunting Turkey, Florida Turkey Hunting

Florida Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by John E. Phillips 0

If you’re looking to do some Florida turkey hunting this spring, this is your one-stop shop for population numbers, harvest info, and hunting opportunities.

sheepshead fish

Best Places for February Florida Sheepshead, Seatrout and Mackerel

by Polly Dean 0

Whether you’re looking for seatrout, mackerel, or February Florida sheepshead in Estero Bay, there something to suit everyone this month.

florida black bear, black bears, black bear attack, florida black bear attack

Woman Mauled in Worst Black Bear Attack in Florida History

by Sarah Kellner 2

On December 2, 2013, Susan Chalfant was mauled in a black bear attack when walking her dogs in Seminole County, Florida.

Pole Fishing, Tide Fishing, Coastal Fishing

5 Great Spots for Saltwater Fishing in North Florida

by Chris Christian 0

With cooler fall temperatures, saltwater fishing in north Florida becomes more comfortable. And these are the fish you should be targeting.


Top 5 Big Game Hunting Trips in the U.S.

by Richard Johnson 0

From 900-pound Alaskan grizzlies to bison weighing more than half a ton, these are five of the top big game hunting trips in America.


5 Strategies For Successfully Hunting the Whitetail Rut

by Bruce Ingram 0

Much of the deer season — and hunter effort — revolves around the rut. Here are five effective strategies that will help you hunt the whitetail rut.

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