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Arkansas Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Marshall Ford   |  March 11th, 2014 0
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Aubrey Funderburg, 11, was able to bag her very first turkey while hunting in Pike County Arkansas.

Turkey populations in the Natural State have been down for nearly 10 years, yet I heard gobbles from at least five different birds, and all of them on the same property, located in northern Grant County. Thus began my most memorable day of Arkansas turkey hunting in my home state.

Our season opens April 20, which is very late compared to opening dates in a number of our neighboring states. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission pushed our openers way back several years ago to reduce pressure on a struggling resource. The AGFC also made it illegal for adult hunters to kill jakes, or immature turkeys. Those two regulations, along with a good hatch and recruitment year in 2012, have done much to help our turkey population begin recovering. I saw the result of that resurgence on opening day.

At least, I heard it.

Calling to three different gobblers, I finally got one bird to approach. By the sound of its voice and its gobbling pattern, I believed it was the same gobbler that gave me the slip after calling it to within 10 yards in 2012.

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