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Danny Corley of Randolph County harvested this 6-point buck on opening day of archery season 2014.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: West Virginia

by Jeff Knapp 0

In last month’s West Virginia Game & Fish, we examined the overall deer picture in the state, as well as… more »

Eddie Monger killed this nice 8-point buck in Albemarle County, during the 2013 muzzleloader season.  The deer has an 18 inch inside spread.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Virginia

by Mark Fike 0

Last year hunters bagged 106,230 antlered bucks, which was approximately 9 percent above the previous season’s harvest of 96,853 in… more »

Keith bras field killed this great buck in Humphreys Co. with a Mathews compound bow.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Tennessee

by Kyle Orman 0

The cold wind seemed to cut through every layer of clothing as the chilled hunter began to second guess his… more »

Joshua Speer, 13, of Statesville, killed his first muzzleloader buck on November 9, 2013 in Turnersburg, N.C.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: North Carolina

by Mike Marsh 0

Fears of any after effects of the worst EHD epidemic in state history are fading fast now that North Carolina… more »

Ian Girouard from Lafayette, La. shot his first deer on an evening hunt in November 2012 in Forked Island, La. The marsh 7 point weighted in at 185 lbs.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Mississippi

by Cliff Covington 0

In last month’s Mississippi Deer Section, we focused on the best locations in the Magnolia State to harvest a deer… more »

Gaven Hinson bagged his first deer on the last day of the 2014 season. Gaven killed the big buck in Natchez while hunting with his father, Hunter Hinson.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Louisiana

by Kody Chase 0

I’ve always identified myself as a meat hunter first, attempting to put a doe or two in the freezer before… more »

Using an old Smith & Wesson .270 handed down by her dad, Amber Noe took this 10-point buck that dressed out at 215 pounds.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Kentucky

by Paul Moore 0

Deer hunters from Kentucky had another banner year last season. Not only was hunting great overall, but those seeking the… more »


Best Big Buck States for 2014: Georgia

by Eric Bruce 0

Charlie Killmaster is the main deer biologist for Georgia, and closely monitors Peach State whitetails. He is optimistic about Georgia’s… more »


Best Big Buck States for 2014: Florida

by Carolee Boyles 0

Big bucks can turn up anywhere, and as more and more hunt clubs turn to good management, bucks have better… more »

This big buck was taken on Dec. 1 last year in Clark County Arkansas by Carlton Main.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Arkansas

by Marshall Ford 0

In May, I visited a little pizza joint in Fayetteville called Giraldi’s. The NCAA West Preliminary Track and Field Championships… more »

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