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Tennessee Deer Forecast for 2015

by Kyle Orman 1

Logging time in the deer woods is a good thing, whether harvesting an animal or not, but if an opportunity… more »


South Carolina Deer Forecast for 2015

by Terry Madewell 1

There’s good news and bad news regarding the deer herd and deer hunting in South Carolina in 2015. The bad… more »


Alabama Deer Forecast for 2015

by Carolee Boyles 0

Fall is just around the corner, meaning that it’s almost deer season and time to plan where to get some… more »


North Carolina Deer Forecast for 2015

by Mike Marsh 0

North Carolina deer hunters reported killing 153,629 deer during the 2014-15 hunting season. While that is a whale of a… more »


West Virginia Deer Forecast for 2015

by Jeff Knapp 0

Though Mountain State hunters harvested significantly fewer deer last season than during prior years, the outlook for the coming season… more »


Georgia Deer Forecast for 2015

by Eric Bruce 0

The state of Georgia has some of the best deer hunting in the southeast. From the Blue Ridge Mountains in… more »


Virginia Deer Forecast for 2015

by Mark Fike 0

Matt Knox, Deer Project Manager for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), calculates that hunters in Virginia… more »


Mississippi Deer Forecast for 2015

by Cliff Covington 0

There is an old saying that history is the best predictor of the future. And when that theory is applied… more »


Louisiana Deer Forecast for 2015

by Kody Chase 0

North America’s most plentiful big game animal, the white-tailed deer, has long made Louisiana home. Though many other large game… more »


Arkansas Deer Forecast for 2015

by Marshall Ford 0

We say it every year, but this could be our best deer season ever. Deer hunting in Arkansas has settled… more »

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