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Idaho’s Salmon River is a hotspot for steelhead, which are popular among Rocky Mountain anglers.

Rocky Mountain 2015 Fishing Calendar

by D.H. Willis 0

The Rockies are the envy of the fishing world when it comes to first-rate sport enjoyed amidst some of the… more »

Bass, Bass Fishing, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Top Places for Bass Fishing in Montana

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

From secret bass hotspots to tactics and gear, these are your best bets for bass fishing in Montana.

Trout, Trout Fishing, Fishing for Trout, Fish

Your Best Spring Fishing in Montana

by Brian Strickland 0

From lakes to rivers to reservoirs and which species to target, these are your best bets for spring fishing in Montana.

Gobbler, Turkey, Turkey Hunting, Hunting Turkey, Montana Turkey Hunting

Montana Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

If you’re looking to do some Montana turkey hunting this spring, this is your one-stop shop for population numbers, harvest info, and hunting opportunities.

Trout, Brook Trout, Fishing for Trout

Your Best Bets for February Trout Fishing in the Rocky Mountains

by Brian Strickland 0

Let’s take a look at the options available for February Trout Fishing in the Rocky Mountains.


Top 5 Big Game Hunting Trips in the U.S.

by Richard Johnson 0

From 900-pound Alaskan grizzlies to bison weighing more than half a ton, these are five of the top big game hunting trips in America.


Yellowstone Closes Rivers Due to Warm Water

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Anglers who usually frequent Yellowstone National Park will have to do their fishing somewhere else. The (Spokane, Wash.) Spokesman-Review is… more »


Flyfishing the Montana Salmon Fly Hatch

by Chuck Robbins 0

For most of us the salmon fly hatch is the main event on the annual Montana fly-fishing calendar — period,… more »


Two Radio-Collared Wolves Killed by Mountain Lions

by Game & Fish Online Staff 4

The discovery of two tagged wolves killed by mountain lions has researchers scratching their heads. This year, researchers in the… more »


Terrorists’ Magazine Urging Wildfires in Montana

by Game & Fish Online Staff 4

Leave it to an international terrorist network to support irreversibly harming the American landscape, but you would expect that message… more »

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