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Montana Wolf Hunt Licenses Go On Sale

by Game & Fish Staff   |  August 9th, 2011 11

Hunters looking to experience a wolf hunt in the U.S. this fall can set their sights towards Big Sky Country as Montana wolf hunt licenses are now on sale and valid for 14 different wolf management units.

Montana Wildlife Parks has set the harvest quota at 220 wolves across the 14 Wildlife Management Units (WMU) with each WMU having its own quota. Two WMU’s have subquotas (290 and 390). FWP management areas are also open to hunting during the fall wolf season as is State School Trust land.

State Game Preserves, National Parks, and National Wildlife Refuges are closed to wolf hunting.

To purchase a license you can visit or any FWP regional office or license provider. Wolf hunting licenses are $19 for residents and $350 for nonresidents. Additionally, hunters must also have a 2011 conservation license.

The season ranges from early September to December 31st, depending on how quotas are filled. A hunting season for a specific WMU will close when the quota is reached. Hunter’s should always check FWP’s closure updates before each day of hunting.

After filling a tag, hunters are required to call 1-(877) FWP-WILD to report their harvest within 12 hours of the kill.

Hunters can harvest one wolf per license year.


  • Early Season Backcountry Archery: Sept. 3-14.
  • Early Season Backcountry Rifle: Sept. 15-Dec. 31.
  • General Season Archery: Sept. 3-Oct. 16.
  • General Season Rifle: Oct. 22-Dec. 31.

The use of any motorized vehicle, including OHVs and snowmobiles is prohibited while hunting wolves. You can also forget about the use of dogs, bait, scent, lures, traps, lights, electronic trapping devices or any recorded or electrically amplified bird or animals calls.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has a full run down of the 2011 Wolf Hunting Regulations on its website.

  • John Holbein

    From the prices listed, it looks like Montana is more interested in gouging non residents that getting the wolf population under control ??

    • Bob Steinhauser

      John,I have to agree with you! I have no idea why any hunter would pay 350.00 to hunt a wolf.I really don`t understand what kind of trophy a Wolf would be,and you cannot eat them.



  • Wolf Lover

    Shame on Montana!! I hope you can sleep at night

  • Steve Burt, Ca. USA

    Thank You Montana.

    I'm so tired of these pussy's that don't understand what these wolves do to the deer and elk population, they brutally wipe them out. If you would rather see a wolf tear apart and eat an elk or deer while they are still alive , literally eaten alive, instead of a instant one shoot kill so families can enjoy good healthy meat that doesn't have antibiotics and growth hormones pumped into it like much of the cows and chickens sold to us in stores, then you are just a moron. Also, if you eat any kind of flesh then you have no room to talk, just because someone else does your killing for you. Man is the most important created thing on this earth, it was all put here for us, not for some endangered minnow in the canals of Bakersfield. If man had never sinned, then we would all be Vegans or Vegetarians living happily ever after in the "Garden Of Eden" but, that's not the case and, there has been blood shed ever since. Now, in most cases the only good Wolf, Mountain Lion, or Rattle snake is a dead one, because the rattler can kill me if i get bit too far from help, and the other two are eating our food. If you want to do something productive, work together to stop our government from miss handling "Trillions" of our tax dollars and stop selling our land to foreigners…….

    • john

      i would rather see the wolves kill a die and it it alive sounds more fun and exciting to watch.

      • john

        ''correction'' kill a elk or deer and watch it die

  • E. J. Rollins

    Animals eating other animals while they're still alive is common in nature.

    Who's the pussy here?

    Glad to know the folks who might not agree with you are morons. Classy.

  • JKubatko

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    Only one application per person will be accepted. Duplicate applications will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all fees.

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    The application process will follow the Preference Point System for bear hunting permit applications that DNR implemented in 2007. Hunters who apply this year will receive one entry in the random drawing as well as one additional entry for each past consecutive year they have applied. Therefore, those hunters who applied unsuccessfully in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 will receive five entries in the drawing when they apply this year. The following rules also apply:

    • Applicants must apply each year to retain preference points. If an applicant skips a year, all preference points will be forfeited.

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    DNR will issue 260 bear hunting permits with a quota of 55-80 bears and will close the hunt when the quota is reached. The opportunity to hunt black bears in Maryland remains limited to Garrett and Allegany counties.

    • JKubatko

      With the earthquake and power outages because of the hurricane, you may have understandably forgotten to apply for this year’s Maryland Black Bear Lottery. It’s not too late!

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      This will be the last notification you will receive regarding this year’s Black Bear Program, unless you applied for the lottery. We will email you on September 6 after the winners are selected.

  • History addict

    Said it before and some here have probably read it, I'm not paying penny one to clean up a mess wolf advocates created to spite the hunter. Canada I heard is paying $250 a head bounty and that will happen here if the hunter gives the wolf a short time to do what it did to get itself hunted out by our fathers. Hunters buying tags will not stem this rapidly growing problem. How many's a guy going to buy when he won't eat it?

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