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state records

New State Records: Lake Trout, Vermilion Snapper

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Recent state records have been reported in Georgia and Idaho. They are among the dozens of fishing state records this… more »

RM Family Fishing Feature Image

2018 Rocky Mountain Family Fishing Destinations

by Roger Wheaton 0

Fishing is the best way to explore the great Rocky Mountains as a weekend break or full summer vacation.   … more »

trout fishing

Where to Find High Country Trout and What To Do

by D.H. Willis 0

Wyoming, Idaho and Montana offer some amazing high country trout angling options, and these are among the very best. Into the heart of… more »

base camps

Rocky Mountain Camp Getaways

by Roger Wheaton 0

Your next outdoors adventure could begin with booking a spot at one of these public-land  camp getaways located near hunting and fishing action…. more »

elk hunting

High-Country Elk Hunting in Fall

by John E. Phillips 0

Here’s a look at the best elk hunting opportunities in three Western states. In 2017, the elk herd in Montana… more »


Poaching Updates: Lactating Cow Moose Shot, Dragged; Elk, Mule Deer Cases; Defendants Sentenced

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Poaching of game and fish is a real problem that keeps wildlife law enforcement personnel busy all across the country. Here’s… more »

RM Mule Deer Western

2017 Northern Rocky Mountain Deer Forecast

by D.H. Willis 0

  The northern Rocky Mountains boast such abundance of wild public lands that some people choose to live here just… more »

elk hunting

5 Keys to Elk Hunting Success

by Terry Otto 0

These tips will help you fill a tag this elk hunting season. The undisputed king of North American big game… more »

2017 solar eclipse

Will 2017 Solar Eclipse Impact Hunting & Fishing?

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Celestial rarity meets game and fish on Monday during the 2017 Solar Eclipse. What’s gonna happen? Call it an opportunity… more »

elk hunting

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting Forecast

by Roger Wheaton 0

Here’s a state-by-state preview of how Rocky Mountain elk hunting is shaping up this season. By Roger Wheaton As fall approaches… more »

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