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Wild Turkey Recipes that Will Convert a Vegetarian

by Hank Shaw   |  March 28th, 2013 0

Cooking turkey is a unique endeavor because it tastes virtually the same whether it’s wild or domestic. Now before you start yelling, I’m talking about a heritage breed, free-range turkey—not the sad butterballs you see in your freezer section. A good, well-raised “Gucci” turkey—they can run you more than $100 in specialty stores—is pretty much the same as a nice jake or young tom. But like most of us, I’d much rather hunt for my dinner than buy it in a store.

That said, you’d think hunters and home cooks would be way more comfortable preparing wild turkey than, say, grouse or goose. Sadly, that’s not been my experience. Most turkey hunters I know skin and breast their birds, leaving the best part in the trash. What’s the magical bit being tossed, you ask? The thighs. I’ll trade turkey thighs for breasts any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Thigh meat has way more flavor than breast meat, and when barbecued it’s my single favorite way to cook turkey—wild or domestic.

Skinned or plucked, there’s a whole lot more to a gobbler than the breasts. What follows is my BBQ turkey thigh recipe, plus a few other wild turkey recipes your momma didn’t make on Thanksgiving.

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