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Best Times for Berry Picking

by Todd Smith   |  July 13th, 2016 0

Everybody knows that summer is peak season for berry picking, but what you may not know is that the optimal time to pick wild berries varies slightly; not only by geographic location but by the type of berries available.

In the East, wild blueberries in the Adirondacks hit their peak in late June and run through the end of July. Farther north, in places like Maine, add two to three weeks for blueberries to hit their prime in August. Blackberries and raspberries come a little later.

Summer is peak season for berry picking. Photo by Todd Smith

Summer is peak season for berry picking. Photo by Todd Smith

The fun thing about wild blueberries is that they are readily available and you can use them in so many ways—on cereal, over ice cream, in muffins or even grilled. My favorite, though, is in pancakes.

Moving west, in the upper reaches of Michigan around Copper Harbor, August is the time for blueberries with blackberries coming in the latter part of the month.

If you’re headed for a Rocky Mountain Adventure, you’ll find plenty of U-pick farms in the Denver area.

Finally, all the way out in the Pacific Northwest, look for huckleberries to be at their peak in mid- to late-August.

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