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6 Can’t-Miss Game, Fish Recipes for Super Bowl LI

by Scott Bernarde   |  February 3rd, 2017 0

If you want to incorporate game and fish recipes this weekend for your Super Bowl LI celebration, we have some suggestions for you.

game, fish recipes

A catfish recipe is as Southern as fried chicken, and a staple game & fish staple

All are easy to make, very tasty to eat and a great addition as you knock back some brews with your buddies during the big game.

With our mouth-watering recipes below, it’s a great time to use that venison, elk or fish that’s been taking up space in your freezer.

Our recipes include: wild-game chili, venison jerky, burgers and tacos, coconut bass and fried catfish.


10 Best Wild Game Chili Recipes for the Big Game

With our mouth-watering wild game chili recipes, there's never been a better time to use that game in your freezer....

Homemade Jerky in Dehydrator

Homemade Jerky is Like Bacon

Venison jerky tastes great, and just about everyone likes it. ...


G&F Cookbook: Coconut Bass Recipe

Tiffany Haugen shares her mouthwatering coconut bass recipe with G&F. ...


Venison Fiesta Burger Recipe

Add a tasty twist to one of America's most popular foods with Mark Kenyon's venison fiesta burger recipe....


Southern Fried Catfish Recipe

A catfish recipe is as Southern as fried chicken. ...

Venison Street Tacos with Mexican Rice and Beans Recipe

Venison Street Tacos with Mexican Rice and Beans

To make your Venison Street tacos complete, serve tacos with Mexican rice and refried beans ...

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